The recipe for cooking barley porridge in the oven in pots

cooked porridge in a plate with a fork

Barley groats or barley is a barley kernel that has not been polished and polished during the manufacturing process. Due to this feature, it refers to cereals containing a large amount of fiber. Make the selection of grains, cleaning from the film and crushing. The first mention of cultivated barley belongs to the Neolithic and the Middle East (there is a theory that this happened along with the cultivation of wheat). Today, barley plantations are the most numerous in the world. The wide distribution has become possible due to such qualities of barley as unpretentiousness and frost resistance.

By calorie content, barley groats occupy the lowest line in the ranking, as the lowest calorie (100 grams of cereals contain a little more than 300 kcal). Its composition contains a large number of complex carbohydrates, starch, healthy dietary fiber and protein. Of the vitamins, the highest percentage of the content is in group A, followed by groups E, D, PP and folic acid. The mineral composition can be noted the content of phosphorus, sodium, calcium, iron, sulfur, zinc, manganese, boron, copper, fluorine. The brain requires phosphorus for full activity. And older people need to consume enough potassium, calcium, manganese and iron. 65% of the barley kernels are complex carbohydrates. The use of porridge from barley cereals allows us to cleanse our body of excess slag, toxins and other decay results.

It is often included in the diet. The use of the yachka is undoubted. Recipes from it firmly occupy the first places in the diets of people who suffer from ulcers, diseases of the duodenum, pressure surges or problems with the heart and urinary systems. If you want to reduce the likelihood of fat accumulation, you need to eat yam porridge. Barley Grains Especially useful in the period after the operation, since they contain gluten and protein, which allows the body to recover quickly.

Since yachts contain a lot of fiber, but this product is low-calorie, barley porridge is often recommended by nutritionists. Unlike buckwheat or pearl barley porridge, yachka will provide you with enough energy and strength without adding extra pounds (but only if it is cooked without using sugar, sour cream, cream or jam). There are specialized dietary systems based on barley porridge. With strict observance of such a diet, you can say goodbye to 5 overweight in a week.

The assimilation of the yachts is much slower than other cereals, which is explained by the presence of dietary fiber and nutrients. Its use does not lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, allows you to bind and remove excess cholesterol from the body, as well as normalize the work of the digestive system. One of the great recipes for your collection will be barley porridge in the oven. This version of the dish is useful to those who want to try something new, tasty and satisfying.


Milk 1 l
Barley grits 7 tbsp.
Butter 100 g
Sugar 100 g
Egg 3 piece.
Nuts, Almonds, Dried Fruits optional

ingredients for porridge


1. Bring the milk to a boil and pour the cereal into it. Boil is necessary until it thickens.

milk with cereal in a saucepan

2. As soon as the base has thickened, add oil, sugar to it, break three eggs. If desired, add nuts, dried fruits.

grits with butter in a pan

3. Turn on the oven so that it starts to heat up. Put the resulting mass into a special form and spread it over the top with a raw egg using a brush to make a thin crisp.

porridge in the oven

4. Put the form in the oven. The baking time is 30-40 minutes. Serve hot with fresh cream.

crusty porridge

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  1. Zoe

    Not lazy, made in the oven! Kashka turned out much softer than in the oven. I didn’t add fruits, I don’t like them, but I poured cream generously)) Yummy!

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