Recipe of barley porridge in a slow cooker

Ready-made barley porridge

Barley porridge is obtained in the processing of barley grains, they are not polished and do not grind. Therefore, barley groats are considered to be more beneficial than barley in which there is little fiber. This product is high in calories. 100 grams of the finished product contains 330 kcal. Barley grits are one of the most healthy and nutritious. Experts in the field of nutrition insist on the regular use of such porridge. It creates a long feeling of satiety, dulls the feeling of hunger, which allows you to actively apply it in various diet schemes.

If you cook barley porridge in a slow cooker, it will turn out not only healthy, but also tasty. This cereal is suitable for breakfast or dinner. Serve as a main course or side dish.

So, now we will answer the question how to cook barley porridge in a slow cooker.


Barley grits 160 g
Homemade milk 250 ml
Water 300 ml
Sugar 30 g
Fine salt at the tip of the knife
Butter 50 g
Additives to taste fruits, berries, nuts, vanilla, heavy cream.

Phased cooking

1. Choose quality cereals, pay attention to the packaging and labeling. Preparing yachku. Thoroughly sift, get rid of stones, husks, debris.

Barley grits

2. Rinse with water until it ceases to be turbid.

Groats in the pan

3. Put the cereal in a greased multicooker container. Add water, milk, sugar and salt. Mix gently.

Barley grain in a slow cooker

4. Close the lid. Install the program “Milk porridge” on 25 minutes. Waiting for a beep. Add butter to the finished porridge. Stir.

Porridge in a multivariate

5. Laying out on the plates. Serving to the table. Can be served with honey, condensed milk or jam. Garnish with berries, fruits, nuts. Barley porridge with milk in a slow cooker is ready for use. Cook it for your family for breakfast.

Video recipe

There are plenty of recipes for cooking dishes like barley porridge in a slow cooker with milk. It can be cooked both on the stove and with the help of the Polaris, Philips, Redmond multicooker. Pay attention to the Multicooker Redmond RMC - M150. It is equipped with excellent functionality. If you do not have a multicooker, you can cook barley porridge with milk without her. If you make barley cereal porridge (still there is This recipe) correctly, observing the subtleties and recommendations, you get an excellent hearty dish. Such barley porridge in the slow cooker will become a favorite on your table.

Useful Properties

Barley grain is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and healthy substances. Contains phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iodine, iron and bromine, and also vitamins of the group: A, B, PP, E. It is rich in fiber, proteins and carbohydrates. As you can see, it is a rich source of nutrients for the body.

Nutritionists, doctors prescribe it to their patients with diseases such as: anemia, diarrhea, obesity, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It has a diuretic effect. Relieves cramps, colic, bloating. Carries out the prevention of oncological diseases. A positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, supports all internal organs. Excretes toxins, toxins, radionuclides from the body. Barley grain is used as a popular antibiotic. Helps in the fight against diabetes, hemorrhoids, fatigue, drowsiness, arthritis and other ailments. Affects visual acuity. Fights depression, bad mood, lethargy of the body.

Using barley porridge at least twice a week, you will feel healthier, younger, more cheerful, more energetic. Your working capacity will increase, you will lose weight, bring your body into shape, and begin to think positively. The product enhances immunity, fights against viral infections, herpes and other diseases.

This wonderful porridge is important in the diet of girls and women, it has a beneficial effect on the complexion and skin, strengthens the nails, makes the hair smooth and silky. It produces collagen, which eliminates wrinkles.

Harmful properties

Despite all the advantages of barley porridge, it can harm the body. It is strictly forbidden to give it to children up to the age of one because of the high content of gluten. Do not enter into the diet of pregnant women. It contains such substances that can provoke childbirth ahead of schedule.

The benefits of milk barley porridge in a slow cooker are obvious. Barley porridge is a storehouse of vitamins we need. Any hostess can make such a gruel with milk. You can also try cooking barley milk porridge in a slow cooker according to another recipe.

You'll love it even more. barley in the crock-pot recipe which is more simple.

Updated: 29.09.2018

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  1. Dashka

    A great option for fast cooking for those who have a slow cooker and who are on a diet! Recently bought a slow cooker and now every day I cook porridge in a slow cooker! It turns out very tasty! Made a prescription, just chic. Delicious! Thank!)

  2. Tatyana

    Cooking such porridge for quite a long time. Eat simply with butter and sugar. I gotta think that was just delicious. And now I know that its more and useful!

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