How to cook barley porridge with milk

Ready porridge

Kashi is an essential nutrient for a healthy person. The most popular are milk porridges, cooked from coarse grinding. These include barley.

This cereal has a low calorie. Milk barley porridge cooked according to this recipe has nutritional value of only 132 kcal. Barley porridge with milk is a dish of viscous consistency. Also try cooking barley porridge on the water recipe dietary.


Barley grits 100 g
Milk 150 ml
Water 100 g
Sugar 20 g
Salt to taste
Dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, prunes) optional

Preparation course

1. Before you start cooking this dish, you need to prepare barley grits. It is washed well 3-4 times. The cooking process can be reduced to 15 minutes, if you pre-soak the grits for 3 hours.

Barley grits

2. In a prepared container in which the dish will boil, pour the water and bring to a boil. For the preparation of cereals, including barley, it is better to choose dishes with a thick bottom. Ideal for these purposes suitable cast iron cauldron. When water boils, add barley, sugar and salt to taste. But do not forget, the sweeter the dish, the higher its calorie content.

Milk groats

3. When the mixture begins to thicken (7 – 10 minutes), milk is added to it. It is desirable to heat or bring to a boil and pour hot. You can cook this porridge on cow's or goat's milk. Dry milk, previously diluted with water, is also used.

Cooked porridge in the pan

4. Do not forget to stir porridge. The cooking time is 10 minutes. Cooking is recommended at minimum heat.

Porridge on a plate
5. Add butter, stir, turn off the heat. Leave it under the lid for 10 minutes. Protruding, porridge will be tastier and more fragrant.

Video recipe

This porridge is easily digested, does not cause allergies. In addition, barley porridge with milk is a fast, easy to prepare and inexpensive recipe for finance. But first of all, it is a nutritious and healthy dish, a source of enormous energy. The composition of barley cereals includes a lot of vitamins (groups A, E, D), proteins, fiber, various enzymes. It also contains calcium, iron, manganese. Porridge is very useful for children, the elderly, as it favorably affects the microflora of the digestive system, removes toxins, helps to improve the overall condition of the body.

If desired, add dried fruit. Sugar in the recipe can be replaced by natural honey. At the same time, add honey to the already prepared dish when it is slightly cooled. When interacting with high temperature, honey loses its beneficial qualities. Porridge, cooked according to this recipe, it turns out gently-viscous. It is better to use it in hot form, just such it is considered the most beneficial for the stomach. Also try cooking barley porridge how to cook quick and tasty.

Barley porridge on milk is successfully combined with fruits (peach, banana), berries (raspberries, strawberries) and sweet pastries (buns, cookies). For small sweet teeth, you can add a little jam, jam, condensed milk. Calorie in this case increases markedly.

You need to know that barley cereals have one drawback - it contains gluten. For this reason, children under the age of one year are not recommended to cook it.

Updated: 03.12.2018

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