How to cook barley porridge to garnish

ready-made barley porridge

As a side dish for meat, you can cook a variety of dishes, in particular porridge. Incredibly delicious, fragrant and healthy it turns out garnish, cooked on the basis of barley grits. This porridge is a rare guest on the tables of the modern population, but it is important to know that barley groats have a number of useful properties.

This low-calorie meal can saturate the body for a long time. It enriches the body with vitamins and minerals. Another advantage of cereals is its availability. If properly cooked barley porridge, it turns out very tasty, delicate dish.

One of the important properties of yachts as a side dish is its ability to emphasize the taste of the main course, giving it a new flavor note. We recommend making the perfect garnish based on barley grits. If you want a meat dish, try cooking barley porridge with meat.


Barley grits 200 g
Water 600 ml
Salt 1 tsp
Butter 30 g

ingredients for porridge


1. Barley grits must be sorted out, thoroughly washed several times until the water is transparent, as in the photo.

yachka with water

2. To make porridge more crumbly, keep the proportion of water and liquid - 3: 1. Wait for the boiling water, salt.

salted boiled water

3. As soon as the water boils, pour in the grits washed in advance, bring to a boil.

boiled water with cereal

4. After boiling, reduce the power of fire to a minimum, cover with a lid. Porridge should be boiled over low heat for 25 minutes. Add butter to porridge, leave for another couple of minutes on fire.

grits with butter

5. Turn off the heat, mix the porridge well with butter. Cover tightly with a lid and leave to infuse for twenty minutes. So Kashka will become more crumbly, soft and fragrant.

cooked porridge in the pan

6. Serve the barley porridge as a side dish with any meat, add fresh vegetables to accentuate the taste.

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Barley grain is wholegrain, because it is the raw, but crushed form of barley grains. Due to the lack of processing, the croup has a large set of nutrients (complex carbohydrates, starch, proteins, fiber), a whole complex of vitamins, minerals (a record holder in potassium). Yachka with its mild flavor will be an excellent side dish, perfectly complementing any meat dish. Porridge made from this cereal is distinguished by its ability to cleanse the body, remove toxins due to the presence of fiber. Dishes from this cereal do not have a high calorie level, which allows you to enjoy them without fear for your figure.

Cooked barley porridge in our recipe will be no less tasty.

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  1. Greta

    Barley porridge is not tasty

  2. Lyudmila

    Barley porridge is very tasty, if properly cooked. You can pour the tomato sauce, so that the view was more attractive, or grilled with onions and tomatoes.

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