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Now among the housewives are gaining popularity recipes pumpkin porridge, cooked in milk. After several experiments, we concluded that the pumpkin variety Muscat would be the best. Pumpkin porridge from this particular variety has the best taste, both cold and hot. By the way, delicious pumpkin porridge is obtained without a slow cooker, in any simple kitchen. Porridge can be cooked not only from pure pumpkin, but also diluted with various cereals. This is done in order to pick up the excess moisture that porridge with pumpkin emits during the cooking process.

Best of all for such characteristics fit millet, rice, semolina or corn grits and oatmeal. In various recipes, various additives are used, such as honey, nuts, prunes and dried apricots, as well as traditional raisins, but there is no discrepancy in the question of how to cook pumpkin porridge.

We present to your attention a recipe with accompanying photographs from the category “Pumpkin porridge with milk”. So, how to cook pumpkin porridge on milk? You can also add oatmeal and cook oatmeal with pumpkin recipe on milk.

List of ingredients

Pumpkin Pulp November 500, XNUMX
Water 3 century. l.
Milk 300 ml.
Sugar 2 century. l.
Butter November 30, XNUMX
rice 2 century. l.


Preparation course

1. Pumpkin must be cleaned, cut into approximately the same small cubes and put in the pan.

Sliced ​​pumpkin in the pan

2. Then pour water into the same place (it should still be small enough to boil off) and boil the pumpkin on high heat with the lid closed for about 10 minutes (until the pumpkin is soft).

Boiled pumpkin
3. If there is excess water - drain. Then knead boiled pumpkin, turning it into a homogeneous mass (as in the photo).

Pumpkin with milk

4. After we fill it with milk (after having lowered the gas under the pan) and wait until this mixture boils (approximately 10 minutes).

Rice with pumpkin

5. Put the prepared rice on top, pour sugar and salt (if desired) and leave to cook for about half an hour, until the rice is completely ready.

Pumpkin oil

6. As soon as the pumpkin porridge is ready, remove it from the heat, put the butter on top, cover with a lid and leave to stand for 15 minutes. As you can see, cooking pumpkin porridge is not at all difficult.

Video recipe

Porridge with pumpkin allows you to save all the necessary elements in a slightly modified form. Pumpkin is especially famous as a storehouse of potassium, calcium and carotene (an orange pigment of plants). Every housewife has his own personal pumpkin porridge recipe. For a part of the dishes, the vegetable must be boiled or stewed in advance, in some recipes it is required to make mashed pumpkin useful in pumpkin blender.

And some dishes can be cooked and put in the pumpkin itself! And an abundance of additives makes pumpkin porridge one of the favorites in the family. Especially after indicating its immediate benefit. But you should not hope too much - even such a harmless milky pumpkin porridge can cause some harm.

Benefit and harm

There is no doubt about the benefits. gourd. It occupies a leading position among vegetables in the number of substances necessary for the body, various minerals, as well as vitamins of several groups (B, E, C), including even vitamin T, which is very rare in the composition of vegetables. Low calorie content puts it in the front row of the list of people on the diet. Пalga pumpkin porridge just obvious. Another advantage is a large list of recipes, which include pumpkin, as an important and useful component. But It is worth noting that pumpkin porridge is leading in this list.

Also pumpkin porridge: lowers blood pressure, strengthens the heart muscle, as it contains calcium. A large number of trace elements, such as magnesium, sodium, sulfur, iron, fluorine and copper - allow the pumpkin to strengthen the nervous system and blood vessels, clean the kidneys, stomach and liver (but do not overdo it - too much harm!). It helps in the normalization of metabolic processes and blood formation processes. But there is a small list of diseases that are incompatible with the use of pumpkin porridge (especially on milk!) Failure to follow certain precautions may be harmful to your health.

If you suffer from diabetes, gastritis with low acidity or stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers - it is necessary to refrain from cooking dishes according to recipes, which include this orange vegetable - this is a potential harm. But it is small enough to show how useful it is, as a nutritious and dietary product.

And yet, how many calories in pumpkin porridge? If you use a recipe in which addition to the pumpkin is rice, it is worth noting that the calorie pumpkin porridge is amazingly low. 100 g of such milk porridge contains everything, only 20-I part of the daily intake of calories for an adult. It turns out that a day you can eat such pumpkin porridge in any reasonable amount - calorie allows. It is on a low calorie level that most pumpkin diets are based.

If you want something more original, prepare for your loved ones pumpkin porridge in a slow cooker with rice.

Updated: 12.10.2018

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  1. Oksana

    Pumpkin is better to grate! Otherwise, it does not boil until the end and these pieces need to be caught and thrown out!

  2. propro

    Great porridge, can I have more recipes?

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