How to cook pumpkin porridge with millet in milk

Ready pumpkin porridge

Pumpkin and millet - very useful products. Therefore, porridge based on these ingredients has a number of useful properties. At the same time, this dish is very tasty, fragrant and easy to prepare. Such a gruel can be cooked for all occasions. Cooking recipes pumpkin porridge and millet quite a lot. Today we look at the classic recipe that is most acceptable to most housewives..

Pumpkin is a product rich in minerals, micro- and macronutrients, vitamins and other biologically active substances that are indispensable for the body. It has a lot of iron - the main component for the hematopoietic function of the body. The pumpkin contains a rather rare vitamin T. In addition, this wonderful product contains many vitamins. If you have a slow cooker, try to cook millet porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker with milk this prescription.

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Of the mineral substances, iron, calcium, magnesium, fluorine, copper, manganese, phosphorus and others are the most useful. This vegetable, which is officially called berry, contains five times more carotene than carrots! In addition, pumpkin - a champion in the content of some amino acids, proteins and pectins. It has a beneficial effect on the work of the intestine, the cardiovascular system, improves immunity and improves vision. You can try a completely different pumpkin-based recipe: wheat porridge with pumpkin.

The benefits of millet groats are equally obvious. In antiquity in Russia, it was called the "golden grains". And not at all for color. It contains many useful macro-and micronutrients, vitamins and other biologically active substances. Millet has a beneficial effect on the immune system, the work of the digestive tract, removes toxins from the body.

For cooking porridge we need:


Pumpkin 0,5 kg
millet groats 250 grams
Butter 3 Art. spoons
Milk 2 glasses
Sugar, salt to taste

Course of preparation:

1. First we go over the millet. Then pour the millet into the tank for washing. We rinse the millet to such a condition that the water after washing is clear. Water should be used only cold and clean.

Millet on a plate

2. After that, pour the millet into the pan and cook for 10 minutes. Drain the remaining water and set aside. Now we are engaged in pumpkin.

Millet in a pan

3. The pumpkin must first be peeled. After that, cut it into medium pieces.

Sliced ​​pumpkin

4. After that, boil water. Put the sliced ​​pumpkin into boiling water and cook for a few minutes. In this case, the color may change and become lighter. In the broth add millet, brought to semi-ready. Periodically stir it. After boiling, add salt to taste, pour out milk and boil for about 15-20 minutes on low heat. Do not forget to stir. Otherwise, porridge will burn.

Pumpkin with millet and milk

5. After that, try the dish to taste. Our pumpkin porridge with millet on milk should be ready. If necessary, add the ingredients (salt, sugar and so on). If the porridge is fully prepared, add butter and sugar to it.

pumpkin porridge in the pan

6. Before serving, you can add additional ingredients to the porridge - fruits, dried fruits, spices. Spoon them in portions.

Pumpkin and millet porridge is a very tasty dish that can be eaten with the whole family. If you do not have a pumpkin, you can cook millet porridge with raisins.

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Updated: 20.06.2018

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