How to cook pumpkin millet-rice porridge child

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Pumpkin is a bright, healthy and very sweet vegetable that is rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and nutrients. The elements of the pumpkin are integral parts of the full, healthy development of children in mental and physical terms. Pumpkin and various dishes made from it are required to be present in the baby’s diet from the age of eight months. The ideal option would be a delicious milk porridge, cooked with pumpkin and croup. By the way, here is the recipe rice porridge with pumpkin.

To prepare a balanced and healthy breakfast for children, you need the following ingredients:


rice 100 grams
Millet 110 grams
Milk 600 ml
Sweet pumpkin 300 grams
Sugar 2 tablespoons
Salt fine ¼ tsp
Vanillin to taste
Butter 50 grams
Fresh fruits, berries to taste


Phased preparation of delicious treats with the provision of step-by-step photos:

1. First you need to prepare all the ingredients. Then go in for cereals, measure one hundred grams of rice and reassemble it. Rinse under running water. Then leave in warm water for twenty minutes.

rice in a bowl of water

2. Next, measure one hundred grams of wheat, do the same procedure as with rice. Rinse thoroughly and cover with warm water for fifteen minutes so that the croup swells a little and boils faster.

millet under running water

3. In the meantime, you can do pumpkin. You need to peel it and get rid of the seeds. Then rinse under running water and wipe with a paper towel to get rid of excess moisture. Take a board and a sharp knife, cut the vegetable into medium cubes. Send in a bowl of multicooker and put a piece of butter.

pumpkin with butter in a bowl

4. Send the container to the multicooker. Close the lid. Plug in and set the desired mode, namely "Baking". The duration of baking should be at least twenty minutes.

Panasonic multicooker

5. Drain the millet and rice liquid using a fine sieve.

millet and rice in glasses

6. When the pumpkin is cooked, it must be crushed. Then put salt, sugar and warm milk, and add washed rice and millet.

crushed pumpkin and rice

7. If you are cooking in a slow cooker, then make this dish in the evening and set the timer. Thus, you can set the right time, which will be prepared a useful and satisfying treat for children.

Multicooker Timer

8. In the morning, open the lid. Healthy, tasty, fragrant and nourishing pumpkin pap is ready. Put it on a la carte plates. You can add pieces of fresh berries and fruits.

Use the proposed recipe in culinary practice and delight your children with delicious food.

Video recipe

To make your child like these dishes, especially healthy porridge, cook it from an early age. Then your baby will grow strong, healthy, strong and happy. In order for children to enjoy cereals, it is necessary to add various ingredients to them - spices, fruits, honey, berries and others. So you can make porridge more tasty and interesting. The kitchen assistant will help you to keep all the useful and nutrients in the cooking process. multivariate. You can also cook for children corn porridge according to our recipe.

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Updated: 10.01.2019

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  1. Valeria

    I do not have multicookers. I'll try to cook on gas. I used to eat pumpkin exclusively with millet. I hope my family will appreciate the new recipe.

  2. Victoria

    And we really like pumpkin porridge made from corn grits. Very gentle, and for sweetness I add a small apple. Daughter eats best!

  3. Marina

    We prefer only with rice, but the idea of ​​cooking porridge in a slow cooker is quite interesting, it has become much more convenient and easier, and the taste has become even better!

  4. Alexey

    I prepared porridge according to the recipe from your site. And I fully agree with the usefulness and taste of the resulting dish as I really liked the kid.

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