How to cook lean porridge from pumpkin

ready pumpkin porridge

Modern progress allows you to use the most diverse appliances in the kitchen, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of cooking. The slow cooker is a unique kitchen appliance that is designed to help hostesses in their difficult task. Daily cooking can be tiring and annoying. However, with the help of a multicooker, you can cook very tasty and healthy food, for example, pumpkin porridge on the water, quickly and easily. You can easily eat it during the post, as it does not contain milk or oils.

There are a lot of recipes for pumpkin porridge, but in order to get a pumpkin porridge, you need to follow some recommendations. Pumpkin porridgeboiled in water has a low calorie. It will be much easier to cook it in a slow cooker than on a regular stove or in the oven. For the multicooker, there are special recipes in which the ingredients are measured by a special measuring cup. Using the slow cooker, you are guaranteed to get a good and satisfying dish. Try also to cook millet rice porridge according to our recipe.

That cook pumpkin porridge in a slow cooker, you need a good recipe and the following ingredients:


Millet 160 grams (1 beaker)
Pumpkin about 350-400 grams
Water 5 measuring glasses
Salt 1 small pinch
Sugar 1-2 tablespoons
Vanilla for aroma

For cooking lean porridge you can use the recommendations and detailed photos:


1. To cook lean porridge, you need to measure the right amount of cereals. Ensure the purity of the wheat, so that there is no debris and poorly cleaned grains. In the presence of such remove them.

bowl of millet

2. Then you need to thoroughly wash the millet. To do this, pour it into a deep dish, substitute under running water and rinse as it should. Leave in warm water for about 10 minutes on 5-7 so that the croup swells a little. Using a similar secret device, you can shorten the cooking time on 15 minutes!

washed millet

3. Then take the pumpkin. Cut it with a sharp knife into two parts, clean from fibers and seeds. Peel off, rinse in water. Dry and dice medium-sized.

roasted pumpkin

4. Turn on the slow cooker. Pour the washed millet into the container, and then pour in the appropriate amount of warm water.

millet in a slow cooker

5. Put a spoonful of sugar and a small pinch of fine salt. At this time, the prepared pumpkin is added.

millet and pumpkin in a slow cooker

6. Close the lid until it clicks. Now you need to choose the most suitable program for this recipe. You will need a function - “milk porridge”, “soup” or simply “cooking”. Cooking time for the recipe - 25-30 minutes. As a result, you will get fragrant, crumbly and lean porridge.

front panel multicooker

7. After 5-7 minutes, open the lid to stir. Do not forget about this manipulation, if you want to get a good dish.

all the ingredients in the slow cooker

8. After the healthy and nutritious dish is ready, you will hear a beep. Open the lid, add the vanilla and stir. Instead of sugar, you can add a spoonful of honey, but already in the cooled dish!

cooked porridge in a slow cooker

9. Ready delicacy served in portions. One plate of prepared delicacy from millet and pumpkin - It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that beneficially affect the work of the entire human body. This is the perfect and most suitable option for a hearty, full breakfast!

Video recipe

Cooking a recipe in a multicooker has many significant advantages, for example:

  • benefit;
  • responsiveness;
  • no burning;
  • perfect texture;
  • taste great;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • a lot of free time, which is most important.

Use the proposed recipe. It can be cooked at any time, as well as in the post. Although water is used in the cooking process, the taste does not get worse. On the contrary, it may be noted lighter and airy structure, as well as a small caloric content of the finished dish. As for the complexity of cooking, it is minimal. You will need to pick up all the ingredients, rinse and chop, put in the container of the device and click "Start". The rest of the miracle device will perform on their own! Prepare a dish according to the proposed option and treat loved ones with a useful delicacy!

We also want to present to your attention a recipe. rice porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker.

Updated: 14.01.2019

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