How to cook pumpkin porridge for nursing mothers

ready-made pumpkin porridge

Every woman who gave birth to a child immediately changes her lifestyle and nutrition. This is due to the fact that the process of feeding a young mother is associated with her baby. Everything that a woman eats is transmitted with milk to the baby, as the female body is a kind of conductor. Accordingly, the newly-made mummy is obliged to eat healthy food, which is rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as vitamins. Pumpkin gourd is no exception, despite numerous debates about its benefits when breastfeeding.

Use of dishes for mother and baby

To recover quickly in the postpartum period, the female body must receive a large amount of useful, nutrients. A nursing mother can eat that food that is not capable of harming a baby, moreover, which can give him the necessary substances for development, growth. Is it possible to eat pumpkin dishes when breastfeeding?

Many pediatricians claim that a nursing mother can safely eat pumpkin porridge without worrying about the consequences. This dish is simply indispensable. The quantity, quality of breast milk depends on the mother’s nutrition. The quality of milk has a direct impact on the health, weight, development and condition of the child. A nursing mother should remember that her diet must contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Pumpkin and porridge from it - a real source of nutritional components.

Pumpkin dishes can be consumed after the first month of life of the baby. Introducing a new dish in the diet should be in small portions to look at the reaction of the baby. Thus, a pumpkin treat is not only possible to eat, but also necessary.

The benefits of meals for nursing mothers:

  • improvement of the digestive function, restoration of the intestinal function;
  • removal of fluid from the body, which is in excess;
  • strengthening hair, nails;
  • weight loss;
  • struggle with bad sleep, elimination of fatigue and apathy;
  • anti-inflammatory effects;
  • improvement of the cardiovascular system;
  • struggle with heavy bleeding after childbirth.

Pumpkin treat contains:

  • vitamins for good blood coagulation;
  • fiber, carotene and water;
  • mineral elements;
  • trace elements.

In cooking, there is a huge list of recipes for pumpkin pots, but it is important to choose the best one that is suitable for breastfeeding. The classic recipe for porridge - the best solution. It is simple, affordable, requires a minimum of time for cooking.


Milk 600 ml
Pumpkin sweet 400 grams
rice 1 glass
Butter 30 grams
Sugar 3 Art. spoons


1. First, prepare all the ingredients according to the recipe so that they are on hand. Take a ripe pumpkin, cut it into two parts. Get rid of the seeds, fibers. Wash in water and then cut into medium sized cubes.

ripe diced pumpkin

2. Choose high-quality rice, which does not boil soft and does not stick together, it is best to buy steamed. Measure out the required amount of cereal, rinse under running water to wash the starch.

washed rice

3. Next you need a pot, put it in pumpkin and pour milk. It is important that the pieces of root vegetables are completely covered with milk.

pumpkin with milk in a pan

4. In the pan add the washed rice. Then thoroughly stir all ingredients with a spoon.

pumpkin with milk and rice in a pan

5. Send the pot to the stove, boil, then reduce the heat. Continue to boil for thirty-five minutes, stirring occasionally, so that nothing burns and does not sink to the bottom.

pan with ingredients on the stove

6. After cooking, add salt, sugar and a piece of butter. Stir thoroughly, mash slightly to get a suitable consistency.

cooked porridge with butter, salt and sugar

7. A pumpkin pot is a classic recipe. It is important to note that in the kitchen and throughout the house there will be a pleasant aroma that will awaken the desire to taste the dish.

cooked porridge in the pan

8. Kashka shift to the plate. You can enjoy a delicious and healthy dish!

Video recipe

The proposed recipe will allow you to cook an unusually healthy, aromatic, nourishing and tasty dish, which must be present in the diet of a young mommy.

Worth knowing that millet breastfeeding no less useful than a pumpkin. We advise you to prepare this recipe.

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