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NameThe weightProteinsFatsCarbohydratesCaloric value
Calorie alcoholic beveragesThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Brandy 40% alcohol Mr.
Vermouth 13% alcohol Mr.
White wine 10% alcohol Mr.
White wine 12.5% alcohol Mr.
White sweet wine 13.5% alcohol Mr.
White dry wine 12% alcohol Mr.
Red wine 12% alcohol Mr.
Whiskey 40% alcohol Mr.
Vodka 40% alcohol Mr.
Jin 40% alcohol Mr.
Cognac 40% alcohol Mr.
Liquor 24% alcohol Mr.
Madera 18% alcohol Mr.
Beer 1.8% alcohol Mr.
Beer 2.8% alcohol Mr.
Beer 4.5% alcohol Mr.
Port 20% alcohol Mr.
Punch 26% alcohol Mr.
Rum 40% alcohol Mr.
Sherry 20% alcohol Mr.
Calorie jam, jam, jamsThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Jam from a quince Mr.
Jam of pears Mr.
Strawberry jam Mr.
Raspberry jam Mr.
Tangerine Jam Mr.
Jam from peaches Mr.
Plum jam Mr.
Chokeberry Jam Mr.
Apple jam Mr.
Apricot jam Mr.
Tangerine jam Mr.
Black currant jam Mr.
apple jam Mr.
apple sauce Mr.
Calorie second dishesThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
The vinaigrette Mr.
Fried zucchini Mr.
Fried White Cabbage Mr.
Boiled white cabbage Mr.
White cabbage stew Mr.
Boiled Cauliflower Mr.
Fried potato Mr.
Boiled potatoes Mr.
Mashed potatoes Mr.
Potato chips Mr.
Carrot boiled Mr.
Boiled beets Mr.
Roasted Pumpkin Mr.
Calories of mushrooms and nutsThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Peanut Mr.
White mushrooms Mr.
White mushrooms, dried Mr.
Shiitake Mr.
Roasted Chestnuts Mr.
Pine nuts Mr.
Cashew Mr.
Coconut Mr.
Chanterelles Mr.
Luteus Mr.
Almonds Mr.
Honey mushrooms Mr.
Walnut Mr.
Boletus Mr.
Dried boletus Mr.
Orange-cap boletus Mr.
Dried Boletus Mr.
Saffron milk cap Mr.
Dried sunflower seeds Mr.
Dried pumpkin seeds Mr.
Morels Mr.
Russule Mr.
Fistashki Mr.
Funduk Mr.
Champignon Mr.
Calorie calfThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Beluga caviar granular Mr.
Caviar of pink salmon granular Mr.
Chum salmon caviar Mr.
Mintaevaya caviar Mr.
Sturgeon caviar Mr.
Sturgeon pressed caviar Mr.
Caviar of sturgeon granular Mr.
Calorie sausage and sausagesThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Ham in the form Mr.
Ham amateur Mr.
Ham special Mr.
Raw smoked breast Mr.
Armavir sausage Mr.
Sausage diet Mr.
Sausage for breakfast Mr.
Doctor sausage Mr.
Sausage Snack Mr.
Grained sausage Mr.
Krakow sausage Mr.
Kuban sausage Mr.
Amateur sausage Mr.
Maykop sausage Mr.
Minsk sausage Mr.
Milk sausage Mr.
Moscow sausage Mr.
Odessa sausage Mr.
Sausage separate Mr.
Poltava sausage Mr.
Sausage prima Mr.
Russian sausage Mr.
Salami sausage Mr.
Pork sausage Mr.
Sausage sausage Mr.
Soviet sausage Mr.
Steppe sausage Mr.
Sausage capital Mr.
Sausage dining Mr.
Tallinn sausage Mr.
Ukrainian sausage Mr.
Tea sausage Mr.
Southern sausage Mr.
Raw smoked bacon Mr.
Ham meat bread Mr.
Beef meat Mr.
Separate meat loaf Mr.
Tea Bread Mr.
Ham Mr.
Hunting sausages Mr.
Beef Sausages Mr.
Pork Sausages Mr.
Beef sausages Mr.
Sausages amateur Mr.
Milk sausages Mr.
Sausages special Mr.
Russian sausages Mr.
Calorie cereals and cerealsThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Popcorn Mr.
Dry peas Mr.
Dried peas Mr.
Buckwheat grain Mr.
Boiled buckwheat Mr.
Buckwheat pierced Mr.
Buckwheat Mr.
Oatmeal porridge milk Mr.
Hercules porridge on water Mr.
Buckwheat porridge viscous on water Mr.
Milk semolina porridge Mr.
Semolina porridge on water Mr.
Milk porridge Mr.
Porridge oatmeal on water Mr.
Pearl barley porridge Mr.
Wheat porridge viscous on water Mr.
Wheat porridge crumbly Mr.
Millet porridge viscous on water Mr.
Millet porridge crumbly Mr.
Milk rice porridge Mr.
Rice porridge on the water Mr.
Porridge barley viscous on water Mr.
Barley porridge crumbly Mr.
Brown rice Mr.
Corn grits Mr.
Semolina Mr.
Croup perlovaya Mr.
Crushed corn Mr.
Whole Grain Corn Mr.
Corn Grains Mr.
Dried chickpeas Mr.
Oat groats Mr.
Millet Mr.
Polished rice Mr.
Crumbly rice Mr.
Soy dried Mr.
Oatmeal Mr.
Boiled beans Mr.
Dried beans Mr.
Flakes Hercules Mr.
Crispy rice Mr.
Cooked lentils Mr.
Dried lentils Mr.
Barley grits Mr.
Calorie butter, margarine, fatThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Mutton lard melted Mr.
Fat beef melted Mr.
Fat New Mr.
Fat Prima Mr.
vegetable fat Mr.
Pork fat (internal fat) Mr.
Provence Mayonnaise Mr.
Margarine Milk Mr.
Margarine Slavic Mr.
Margarine Creamy Mr.
Margarine Sunny Mr.
Margarine Extra Mr.
Margarine Era Mr.
Unsalted Peasant Oil Mr.
Amateur unsalted butter Mr.
Sandwich butter Mr.
Unsalted butter Mr.
heating oil Mr.
Pork fat (lard) Mr.
Calorie milk and dairy productsThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Atsidofilin Mr.
Cow Milk Cheese Mr.
Brynza from sheep's milk Mr.
Yogurt Mr.
Yogurt 1.5% fat. Mr.
Yogurt 1.5% sweet Mr.
Yogurt 3.2% fat Mr.
Yogurt 3.2% fat Sweet Mr.
Actimell yoghurt Mr.
Sweet Yoghurt - 0.3% Mr.
Sweet Yoghurt - 1.2% Mr.
Sweet yogurt - 2% - drinking Mr.
Sweet Yoghurt - 2.2% Mr.
Sweet Yoghurt - 2.2% Drinker Mr.
Sweet Yoghurt - 2.8 Mr.
Sweet Yoghurt - 2.9% Mr.
Sweet Yoghurt - 3.5% Mr.
Sweet Yoghurt - 3.7% Mr.
Sweet Yoghurt - 4.2% Mr.
Sweet Yoghurt - 4.7% Mr.
Sweet Yoghurt - 7.3% Mr.
Cocoa with thicken. milk with sugar Mr.
Cocoa with thicken. cream with sugar Mr.
Kefir 2.5% fat Mr.
Kefir fat Mr.
Kefir low-fat Mr.
Coffee with thickened. milk with sugar Mr.
Coffee with thickened. cream with sugar Mr.
Special curd mass Mr.
Milk 1.5% fat Mr.
Milk 2.5% fat Mr.
Milk 3.2% fat Mr.
Milk 3.5% fat Mr.
Milk 6% fat. Mr.
skim Milk Mr.
Milk is thickened. sugarless Mr.
Milk is thickened. with sugar Mr.
Milk is thickened. with sugar, low-fat Mr.
Skim milk powder Mr.
Milk powder Mr.
Buttermilk Mr.
clabber Mr.
Russian processed cheese Mr.
Ryazhenka 6% fat Mr.
Cream 10% fat. Mr.
Cream 20% fat. Mr.
Cream 35% fat. Mr.
Whipped cream with vanilla Mr.
Cream thickened. with sugar Mr.
Sour cream 10% fat. Mr.
Sour cream 20% fat. Mr.
Sour cream 25% fat. Mr.
Sour cream 30% fat. Mr.
Suluguni Mr.
Dutch squash cheese Mr.
Dutch round cheese Mr.
Kostroma cheese Mr.
Latvian cheese Mr.
Cream cheese Smoked sausage Mr.
Processed cheese Kostroma Mr.
Processed Latvian cheese Mr.
Russian processed cheese Mr.
Poshehonsky cheese Mr.
Baltic Cheese Mr.
Roquefort cheese Mr.
Russian cheese Mr.
cheddar cheese Mr.
Swiss Cheese Mr.
Estonian cheese Mr.
Cheese Yaroslavl Mr.
Glazed curd bars Mr.
Fat cottage cheese 18% Mr.
Fat cottage cheese 9% Mr.
low-fat cottage cheese Mr.
Cottage cheese table 2% fat Mr.
Calorie flourThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Buckwheat flour Mr.
Corn flour (dietary) Mr.
Wheat flour 1-th grade Mr.
Wheat flour 2-th grade Mr.
Flour Mr.
Wheat wallpaper Mr.
Rye flour Mr.
Rye flour Mr.
Flour rye wallpaper Mr.
Rice flour (dietary) Mr.
Wheat bran Mr.
Calorie meat and offalThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Mutton Mr.
Boiled lamb Mr.
beef stroganoff Mr.
Steam bits Mr.
Steak Mr.
Boiled beef Mr.
Beef Stew Mr.
goulash Mr.
Beef goulash Mr.
Pork goulash Mr.
Tourist Breakfast (Beef) Mr.
Tourist Breakfast (Pork) Mr.
Beef cutlets Mr.
Pork cutlets Mr.
Fried rabbit Mr.
Boiled rabbit Mr.
Beef brains Mr.
Gizzard of chickens Mr.
Meat in white sauce Mr.
Paste liver Mr.
Boiled dumplings Mr.
beef liver Mr.
Liver chickens Mr.
Pork liver Mr.
Kidney beef Mr.
Pork buds Mr.
Pork fat Mr.
Boiled pork Mr.
Pork stew Mr.
Heart beef Mr.
Heart chickens Mr.
Pork heart Mr.
Beef leg jelly Mr.
Boiled veal Mr.
Shish kebab from pork Mr.
Schnitzel Mr.
Schnitzel pork Mr.
Escalope Mr.
Beef tongue Mr.
Caloric content of vegetables, greens, legumesThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Eggplant Mr.
beans Mr.
rutabaga Mr.
Green peas Mr.
Courgettes Mr.
White cabbage Mr.
Cabbage Brussels Mr.
Cabbage kohlrabi Mr.
Red cabbage Mr.
Cabbage Mr.
Cauliflower Mr.
Potatoes Mr.
Green onions (feather) Mr.
Leek Mr.
Onions Mr.
Carrot is yellow. Mr.
Carrots, red Mr.
Cucumber, ground Mr.
Greenhouse Cucumbers Mr.
Patissons Mr.
Sweet green pepper Mr.
Sweet red pepper Mr.
Parsley (herbs) Mr.
Parsley (root) Mr.
Rhubarb Mr.
Radish Mr.
Radish Mr.
Turnip Mr.
Salad Mr.
cabbage lettuce Mr.
Beetroot Mr.
Celery (greens) Mr.
Celery (root) Mr.
Sweet potato Mr.
Asparagus Mr.
Tomatoes (tomatoes) Mr.
Pumpkin Mr.
Dill Mr.
Beans (pod) Mr.
Horseradish Mr.
Cheremsha Mr.
Garlic Mr.
Spinach Mr.
Sorrel Mr.
Calorie canned vegetablesThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Canned eggplants Mr.
Sauerkraut Mr.
Ketchup Mr.
Carrots natur. Mr.
Pickles Mr.
Marinated green olives Mr.
Canned black olives Mr.
Beetroot natures. Mr.
Peeled Tomatoes Mr.
Peeled Tomatoes Mr.
Salted Tomatoes Mr.
Calorie first dishesThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Borscht Mr.
Thick borscht Mr.
Sauerkraut soup Mr.
Fresh cabbage borsch with tomatoes Mr.
Summer borsch Mr.
Lean borscht Mr.
Borsch with cabbage and potatoes Mr.
Siberian borsch Mr.
Ukrainian borsch Mr.
Beef broth Mr.
Mushroom broth Mr.
chicken broth Mr.
Fish broth Mr.
Okroshka meat (with kvass) Mr.
Okroshka on yogurt Mr.
Home Home Decoration Mr.
Beetroot Mr.
Potato soup Mr.
Potato soup with beans Mr.
Potato soup with mushrooms Mr.
Potato soup with cereals Mr.
Potato soup with pasta Mr.
Peasant Soup Mr.
Vegetable soup Mr.
Vegetable Soup with Beans Mr.
Rice soup with meat Mr.
Bean Soup Mr.
Pasta Soup Mr.
Ear Mr.
Cabbage Soup with Potatoes Mr.
Cabbage soup from fresh cabbage Mr.
Fresh cabbage soup with potatoes Mr.
Schi daily Mr.
Calories of poultry and eggsThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Roast turkey Mr.
Boiled turkey Mr.
Chicken breast Mr.
Chicken Cutlets Mr.
Fried chicken Mr.
Boiled chicken Mr.
Melange Mr.
Ham fried Mr.
Omelet Mr.
Dry protein Mr.
Dry egg yolk Mr.
Roast duck Mr.
Boiled duck Mr.
Boiled chickens Mr.
Chicken Tobacco Mr.
Fried eggs Mr.
Egg white Mr.
Egg yolk Mr.
Egg powder Mr.
Boiled boiled eggs Mr.
Boiled boiled eggs Mr.
Raw chicken eggs Mr.
Caloric content of vegetable oilThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Peanut refined oil. Mr.
Mustard oil Mr.
Hemp refined oil. Mr.
Corn oil Mr.
Olive oil Mr.
Refined olive oil. Mr.
Sunflower oil Mr.
Sunflower refined Mr.
Refined rapeseed oil. Mr.
Soy refined oil. Mr.
Cottonseed oil refined Mr.
Calorie fish and seafoodThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Sturgeon balyk Mr.
Beluga blanched Mr.
Dried roach Mr.
Vobla hol.kopch. Mr.
Pink salmon Mr.
Pink salmon in tomato sauce Mr.
Canned nature salmon Mr.
Salty salmon Mr.
Catfish Mr.
Squid Mr.
Flounder Mr.
Flounder in tomato sauce Mr.
Flounder gor.kopch. Mr.
Flounder fried in oil Mr.
Crucian Mr.
Carp Mr.
Keta Mr.
Salmon salmon Mr.
Baltic sprat Mr.
Sprat gory.kopch. Mr.
Spiced Salted Sprat Mr.
Crab Mr.
Shrimp Mr.
Krill Mr.
Bream Mr.
Bream in tomato sauce Mr.
Dried bream Mr.
Bream gor.kopch. Mr.
Bream hol.kopch. Mr.
Salted salmon Mr.
Mackerel Mr.
Mussels Mr.
Alaska Pollock Mr.
Sea kale Mr.
Burbot Mr.
Red sockeye Mr.
Sea bass Mr.
Sea perch (balyk) Mr.
Perch sea gory.kopch. Mr.
Sturgeon Mr.
Sturgeon in tomato sauce Mr.
Halibut Mr.
Pasta Ocean Mr.
Cod liver Mr.
Blue whiting Mr.
Carp in tomato sauce Mr.
Saury blanched in oil Mr.
Salaca Mr.
Sprat in tomato sauce Mr.
Sprat gor.kopch. Mr.
Sardine Mr.
Sardines (slices) in oil Mr.
Sevruga in tomato sauce Mr.
Atlantic herring salted Mr.
Salted herring Mr.
Pacific herring fatty hol.kopch. Mr.
Salted salmon Mr.
Mackerel Mr.
Mackerel in oil Mr.
Mackerel hol.kopch. Mr.
Snetok Polissky Mr.
Pskov Snetok Mr.
Catfish Mr.
Catfish in tomato sauce Mr.
Horse mackerel Mr.
Scad in tomato sauce Mr.
Scad fried in oil Mr.
Scad holl. Mr.
Zander Mr.
Pike perch in tomato sauce Mr.
Cod Mr.
Cod gor.kopch. Mr.
Salted cod Mr.
Tuna Mr.
Tuna in oil Mr.
Sprat salty Mr.
Hamsa is salty Mr.
Hake Mr.
sprat Mr.
Pike Mr.
Pike in tomato sauce Mr.
Calorie sweetsThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Chocolate covered peanuts Mr.
Bars Mr.
Belyashi Mr.
Pancakes with curd and sour cream Mr.
Pancakes Mr.
Cheesecake with cottage cheese Mr.
Chocolate waffles Mr.
Fat waffles Mr.
Wafers with fatty fillings Mr.
Waffles with fruit fillings Mr.
Fruit waffles Mr.
Biscuits Mr.
Hematogen Mr.
Nut dragee Mr.
Sugar jelly Mr.
Fruit and berry dragee in chocolate Mr.
Food gelatin Mr.
Zefir Mr.
Iris semi-solid Mr.
Iris replicated Mr.
Caramel candy Mr.
Caramel with liqueur fillings Mr.
Caramel with milk fillings Mr.
Caramel with nut fillings Mr.
Caramel with fondant fillings Mr.
Caramel with soft fillings Mr.
Caramel with fruit and berry fillings Mr.
Caramel with chocolate and nut fillings Mr.
Milk sweets Mr.
Fondant sweets Mr.
Fruit and Fondant Candy Mr.
Chocolate candies with roasted filling Mr.
Chocolate Candy with Cream Filling Mr.
Chocolates with a filling between layers of wafers Mr.
Chocolates with fondant filling Mr.
Chocolates with praline filling Mr.
Chocolates with fruit filling Mr.
Chocolate Candy with Chocolate Cream Filling Mr.
Chocolates with chocolate-nut filling Mr.
crackers Mr.
Chopped leukum Mr.
Fruit jelly Mr.
Honey natural Mr.
Milk noodles Mr.
Ice cream milk Mr.
Creme brulee ice cream Mr.
Chocolate milk ice cream Mr.
Ice cream Mr.
Creamy Creme Brulee Ice Cream Mr.
Chocolate cream ice cream Mr.
Fritters Mr.
lozenge Mr.
Cookies lingering Mr.
sugar cookies Mr.
butter Cookies Mr.
Pie with meat Mr.
Pie with jam Mr.
Biscuit cake with fruit filling Mr.
Choux pastry Mr.
Crumb Cake Mr.
Shortcake with fruit filling Mr.
Puff pastry with cream Mr.
Puff pastry with fruit filling Mr.
Cream Mr.
Creme brulee sundae Mr.
Chocolate sundae Mr.
Donuts Mr.
Gingerbread Mr.
Sugar Mr.
Sugar (sand) Mr.
Refined sugar Mr.
Biscuit cake with nut and butter cream Mr.
Sponge cake with fruit filling Mr.
Biscuit cake with chocolate cream Mr.
Cake puff with cream Mr.
Halva sunflower vanilla Mr.
Halva tahini Mr.
Chebureki Mr.
Sharlotka Mr.
No added chocolate Mr.
Chocolate powder Mr.
Milk Chocolate Mr.
Milk chocolate Mr.
milk chocolate Mr.
Milk porous chocolate Mr.
Chocolate with crushed and whole nuts Mr.
Eskimo Mr.
Calorie juices and compotesThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Apricot juice Mr.
Quince juice Mr.
Canned Pineapple Mr.
Pineapple juice Mr.
Orange juice Mr.
Grape juice Mr.
Cherry juice Mr.
Pomegranate juice Mr.
Grapefruit juice Mr.
Compote from apricots Mr.
Quince compote Mr.
Compote from grapes Mr.
Cherry compote Mr.
Compote from tangerines Mr.
Peach Compote Mr.
Compote from plums Mr.
Sweet cherry compote Mr.
Apple Compote Mr.
Pear Compote Mr.
Lemon juice Mr.
Mandarinovyj juice Mr.
Peach juice Mr.
Plum Juice Mr.
Carrot juice Mr.
Beetroot juice Mr.
tomato juice Mr.
Chokeberry juice Mr.
Black currant juice Mr.
Rosehip Juice Mr.
Apple juice Mr.
Calorie dried fruitThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Dried apricots without stone (dried apricots) Mr.
Dried apricots with a stone (apricot) Mr.
Dried Pineapple Mr.
Dried bananas Mr.
Dried grapes (raisins) Mr.
Dried cherry Mr.
Dried pear Mr.
Dried figs Mr.
Dried peaches (dried apricots) Mr.
Dried plums (prunes) Mr.
dried dates Mr.
Dried rosehip Mr.
Dried apples Mr.
Calorie dough and pastaThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Pasta 1 variety Mr.
Extra Macaroni Mr.
Fried macaroni Mr.
Macaroni boiled Mr.
Egg macaroni Mr.
yeast dough Mr.
Yeast pastry Mr.
Fresh puff pastry Mr.
Calorie fruits and berriesThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Apricots Mr.
Avocado Mr.
the norm Mr.
alycha Mr.
Pineapple Mr.
Orange Mr.
Watermelon Mr.
bananas Mr.
Lingonberry Mr.
Grapes Mr.
Cherry Mr.
Blueberry Mr.
Garnet Mr.
grapefruit Mr.
Pear Mr.
Guava Mr.
Melon Mr.
Blackberry Mr.
Strawberries Mr.
Figs Mr.
Kiwi Mr.
Cranberries Mr.
gooseberries Mr.
Lemon Mr.
Raspberry Mr.
Mango Mr.
Mandarin Mr.
Cloudberry Mr.
Sea buckthorn Mr.
Papaya Mr.
peaches Mr.
Garden ash Mr.
Aronia blackberry Mr.
Plum garden Mr.
white currant Mr.
Red currants Mr.
Blackcurrant Mr.
Turner Mr.
dates Mr.
Persimmon Mr.
Cherry Mr.
Blueberries Mr.
Mulberry Mr.
Rosehip fresh Mr.
Apples Mr.
Calorie breadThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Crisp white bread Mr.
Protein-bran bread Mr.
Borodinsky bread Mr.
Doctor's Bread Mr.
Bread Health Mr.
Grain Bread Mr.
Low-calorie bread Mr.
Bread, wheat flour of the highest grade Mr.
Hearth wheat bread Mr.
Shaped wheat bread Mr.
Moscow rye bread Mr.
Hearth rye bread Mr.
Tin rye bread Mr.
Crisp rye bread Mr.
Bread Ukrainian hearth Mr.
Ukrainian shaped bread Mr.
Bread Mr.
Calorie bakery productsThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Bagels simple Mr.
Butter donuts Mr.
Sliced ​​loaf Mr.
Baton simple Mr.
Baton table Mr.
Bran bar Mr.
Bagels Mr.
City roll Mr.
Kuntsevskaya bun Mr.
Bran bun Mr.
Dietary buns with lecithin Mr.
Kalach Moscow Mr.
Pita Mr.
Moscow Bun Mr.
horns obsypnye Mr.
Sika is simple Mr.
Muffin Vyborg with poppy seeds Mr.
Muffin Vyborg with jam Mr.
Donuts Mr.
Muffin ordinary Mr.
Straw sweet Mr.
Drying new Mr.
Drying simple Mr.
Calorie tea, coffee, cocoaThe weight: 0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal.
Cocoa drinks (dry) Mr.
Cocoa powder Mr.
Bread kvass Mr.
Roasted coffee beans (dry) Mr.
Instant coffee (dry) Mr.
Black coffee without sugar Mr.
Tea with lemon Mr.
Tea with sugar Mr.
Tea black long leaf (dry) Mr.
Total0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 Mr.0 kcal

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