Recipe for rice porridge in a pumpkin in the oven

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With the arrival of autumn in the diet includes such a vegetable, like a pumpkin. This is a unique product, about the benefits of which you can talk a lot. It contains many useful and necessary for the body of minerals, trace elements, vitamins. It has a positive effect on the state of the whole organism. Thanks to the use of dishes prepared on the basis of pumpkin, the immune functions of the body are increased, mood and vision are improved. This vegetable is a rich source of vitamins C, B1, B2, E, K, and beta carotene.

Cooked rice porridge with pumpkin can be using various recipes. Traditional is boiled porridge cooked in milk (the recipe of its preparation here). Meals can be cooked on the stove, in a slow cooker (as in This recipe) and oven.

You can please your relatives and friends by preparing not only the usual milk pumpkin-rice porridge, but also such an original recipe as a whole. baked in the oven pumpkin (more here) stuffed with dried fruit rice. By its appearance, rice porridge in a pumpkin resembles a dish from a fairy tale, which will especially please the kids. The cooking method will surprise you with its simplicity. Also using the oven, you can cook barley porridge in the oven.


Pumpkin 1,5-2 kg
rice 2 glasses
Milk 500 ml
Butter 30 gr
Dried fruits dried apricots, prunes, raisins, nuts
Fresh fruits apples
Sugar, salt to taste


1. Need to take a small pumpkin. After washing it with a sharp knife, carefully cut off the upper part in the form of a cone. Then remove the seeds with a spoon.

tikva without pulp

2. Wash rice several times. Pour boiling water and leave for 5 minutes. This will help to remove gluten from the rice cereal. As a result, porridge will turn out more crumbly.

3. Rinse dried apricots, prunes, raisins and fresh fruit. Apples cut into cubes or small segments.

cut fruits

4. In a bowl, mix rice, sugar, salt and fruit. Instead of sugar, you can use honey or condensed milk. But then you need to take non-acidic dried fruit. Otherwise, the milk may curl when mixed.

ingredients in a bowl

5. Inside the pumpkin, one part of butter is placed on the bottom and filled with rice and fruit filling.

6. Pumpkin fill on ¾. During the cooking process, the rice will swell. Add a second piece of butter on top and pour cream or milk over it. You can fill with water, then the calorie content of the finished dish will be less, but with milk porridge will turn out much tastier.

7. The vegetable is closed with a cut off lid, wrapped in foil and placed in the oven. Bake in the oven should be at a temperature of 200 – 220 degrees for 40 – 80 minutes.

dish in foil in the oven

8. Ready baked pumpkin with rice, without removing from the foil must be cooled to a moderately hot temperature. So, rice porridge will turn out even tastier and more fragrant.

ready baked dish

Served rice porridge, baked in a pumpkin, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This dish will also decorate a festive table. When serving, the pumpkin is cut into batch segments. You can decorate with whipped cream, sprinkled with walnuts or almonds. A little sourness is added to sweet porridge with the help of cranberries and various berry fruit drinks. A great addition will be various types of sweet pastries - buns, cookies, muffins, donuts.

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Such dishes not only have a wonderful taste, but also have a low calorie content. Pumpkin (more here) - low-calorie product, as 90% consists of water. Its nutritional value is equal to 28 kcal. on 100 grams. Therefore, this vegetable is recommended to include in various dietary nutrition systems. Pumpkin porridge or simply baked pumpkin is an excellent breakfast for those who are looking after their figure, want to adjust the work of the digestive system and lose weight.

In the arsenal of each culinary specialist there are many recipes for the preparation of this incredibly useful vegetable. It is stewed, pickled, baked, fried. And the famous pumpkin porridge is familiar to every person since childhood. The combination of rice and pumpkin is considered ideal in terms of diet. Rice is enriched with minerals and beneficial microelements. In addition, rice - the best of natural absorbents. He, like a sponge, absorbs and removes harmful substances and toxins from the human body.

In addition, rice is a very low-calorie product. Its nutritional value is 78 calories (cooked in water). Rice is the basis of the national cuisines of many eastern countries, whose representatives are distinguished by their harmony, excellent health and longevity.

If you do not put butter in this recipe, but use water instead of milk, you will get an excellent hearty and tasty lean dish.

If this recipe is too complicated for you, recipe millet porridge with pumpkin on milk would be a good alternative.

Updated: 22.04.2018

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