Cooking rice porridge with apples and raisins

Rice and apple porridge

Rice is a universal cereal, which is the main ingredient in the cuisine of many nations of the world.
An important step in the preparation of such dishes as rice with apples, is the choice of rice. Round rice is better to use for cooking liquid gruel, long grain - for sweet porridge on the water. Rice with apples and raisins (still eat in This recipe) requires a responsible approach. We proceed to our recipe. For cooking, we need juicy and ripe apples, raisins of any varieties.

The recipe for rice with apples has been passed down from generation to generation in our family. I will reveal to you the secrets of its preparation. Based on rice, you can also cook rice porridge with meat.

We will need the following products:

Round polished rice 200 grams
Purified water 200 ml
Milk (3,2% fat) 750 ml
Apple 2 piece.
Sugar 100 grams (half a cup)
Salt fine ½ tsp
Creamy Butter 60 grams
Cinnamon, vanilla sugar on a pinch
Raisins (optional) 100 grams

Step-by-step cooking:

1. Prepare the cereal. Carefully sort out, rinse with cold water. Fill with warm water for 10 minutes on 7, then rinse again.

Washed rice

2. Pour the cereal into the pan. Fill with cooked water. Cook until liquid is absorbed. It takes about five to seven minutes.

Cooked rice

3. We proceed to the next important stage. Pour in a thin stream of milk. Stir. Add salt, sugar. Next, reduce the heat, cook minutes 30. Constantly stir it so that the pap is not burnt to the bottom.

Milk in a pan

4. While the porridge is boiling, proceed to the apples. We cut it into slices, cubes or cubes. If desired, peel off.

Sliced ​​apples

5. Five minutes before the rice porridge is ready, add sliced ​​apples, steamed raisins, vanilla sugar, butter. Cover with lid and bring to full readiness. Then let it brew for an hour.

Rice with apples

6. Spread sweet rice with apples on plates, generously sprinkle with cinnamon on top. For those who love sweet dishes, add a spoon of honey, nuts - this will give the dish a savory taste and aroma. Rice porridge with apples and raisins is ready! Here's another recipe with photos oatmeal with apples.

Video recipe

The key advantage of rice cereals is nutrition. It can be combined with most products - seafood, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish. For those who adhere to a healthy diet is a great way to keep fit.

Rice porridge with apples for breakfast is a great start to the day. One plate of this yummy will give a charge of cheerfulness and energy for the whole day. By adding raisins to it, you will enrich your breakfast with microelements and vitamins. It is believed that rice Grain is a natural sorbent, cleansing the body from toxins, toxins, salts, various harmful substances.

Useful and harmful properties

Rice is considered an ancient cereal culture. Although it contains little калорий, nutritionists around the world argue about the beneficial and harmful properties of this cereal.

The benefits of eating:

  1. Its main advantage is a high percentage of carbohydrates, which guarantees a long flow of strength and energy.
  2. Rice porridge is a storehouse of vitamins, nutrients. Calcium, phosphorus, selenium, manganese, potassium - a small fraction of what this croup is rich in.
  3. It ensures the functioning of the human nervous system, a positive effect on skin color, condition of nails and hair.
  4. There is a rice diet that provides stunning results in reducing weight and cleansing the body of toxins.
  5. It helps in the fight against diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes its work.
  6. Beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, reduces pressure.
  7. When poisoning, high temperature, sore throat will come to the aid porridge from rice.

Harm from use:

  • Refined white rice causes such diseases as diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and kidney stones.
  • Frequent consumption (more than twice a week) provokes the formation of constipation and stomach problems. Slows intestinal contraction.

The secret to successful cooking

Before you start cooking the dish according to the above recipe, you should learn some tricks:

  • Use dishes with a thick bottom so that the porridge does not burn.
  • Wash the rice with water until transparent. Porridge will turn out crumbly, as all starch and gluten is washed out.
  • To improve the taste, add dried fruits, apples, bananas, raspberries, nuts, syrups.
  • If rice starts to stick, add liquid.
  • Best of all, cook in the evening, porridge will be infused overnight, and in the morning you will get a great breakfast.

Want to cook a culinary masterpiece? Follow the recipe, and the photo and description of the phased preparation will help you. Preparing rice porridge with raisins and apples, share the recipe with your friends and family. Pamper your household with tasty and healthy food.

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Updated: 20.05.2018

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