Cooking in a slow cooker rice porridge with apples

Rice porridge with apples

Rice is an incredibly useful product, on the basis of which a huge number of different dishes is prepared. Even simple rice porridge cooked in multivariate, very tasty and healthy. Why do many people prefer to cook it in multivariate? For the simple reason that porridge in a slow cooker turns out tastier and more aromatic. In addition, cooking with this appliance is greatly facilitated. Another important advantage of the multi-cooker is the fact that with such heat treatment a large number of useful substances is preserved.

Most of the "toon" are made with non-stick coating and have excellent functionality for cooking ordinary dishes, even pea puree It turns out tasty and nourishing. AT multivariate You can cook not only rice porridge, but also soup. You can pass the vegetables. Food does not stick, and the inner surface is easy to clean. But the most important advantage of this assistant housewives is that you do not need to follow the cooking process. It is enough to load the ingredients and select the appropriate mode. While cooking food, you can get out, do the kids, watch TV or do other things.

Today we will have rice porrige on the water. This is a dietary, low-calorie recipe. At the same time, this porridge cooked in a slow cooker, and even with apples, turns out to be very tasty and fragrant.

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Many diet programs necessarily present rice porrigebut other cereals can be used. But sweet in the diet is recommended to limit. It is better to eat more fresh fruits. Today's recipe involves the use of sweet apples, which greatly brighten our dish, give it a special aroma and a pleasant, delicate taste. More nutritious porridge, but also very useful, consider porridge pea in a slow cooker.

So, for the preparation of two medium servings we need:


rice 1 glass
Apples 2 piece.
Butter 2 Art. spoons
Raisins 3 Art. spoons

How to cook:

1. Wash rice. Rinse until water is clear. The cleaner the rice, the tastier the porridge will be.

Washed rice

2. After washing, you can soak the rice for half an hour. Basically, rice porridge on the water with fruit cooked normally and without soaking. Pour rice in a slow cooker, pour two glasses of water. Add sugar and salt to taste.

Boiled rice

3. In the multicooker, select the mode "rice porridge". Most low and medium price multicookers do not have this function. In this case, select the function "rice". Close the lid and set the timer to 30 minutes.

Multicooker mode

4. While rice is cooked in multivariatelet's do some apples. They must be thoroughly washed in warm water and cut into small slices. It is better to use summer-grade apples. They should be sweet and juicy.

If you are cooking for children, it is advisable to cut the skin. If you cook for yourself, then you can not bother with cleaning the skins. Also prepare the raisins. We wash it thoroughly with warm water. We leave sliced ​​apples and washed raisins to the next stage of our cooking.

Sliced ​​apples

5. When the slow cooker tells us about readiness rice porridge, open the lid and pour rice into sliced ​​apples and raisins, put 2 spoons of butter. All mix and close the lid. Set the "baking" mode to 15 minutes.

Rice with apples and raisins

As soon as our miracle machine announces readiness, lay out porridge on a plate. Enjoy your meal!

If this recipe is too complicated for you, pea puree in a crockery redmond would be a good alternative.

Updated: 06.02.2019

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