How to cook rice porridge with pumpkin in a slow cooker

ready rice and pumpkin porridge

Porridge with pumpkin and rice, boiled in milk, is particularly popular. Such porridge is extremely healthy, tasty and nutritious. And if you cook it in a slow cooker, then you do not have to stand at the stove, make sure that it does not burn, wait until it boils. Cooking in a slow cooker greatly simplifies the whole process, shortens the cooking time. In order for the pap turned out to be tasty, it is important to take a proven recipe, choose the optimal proportion of ingredients.

Technology of preparation

Rice porridge with pumpkin in a multicooker is a very healthy, tasty, sweet and balanced delicacy that will appeal to both children and adults. Preparation of pumpkin-rice porridge can occur in the Multicooker Redmond, Polaris, Phillips, Scarlet, Moulinex. Rice milk porridge turns out equally tasty in any of them. The only difference is that the models are equipped with different functions, power and basic cooking modes.

Rice porridge with pumpkin on milk in a slow cooker turns out very fragrant, variegated, healthy, tender and divinely tasty.


To prepare a healthy meal you need the following ingredients:

Sweet ripe pumpkin 150 grams
Milk 5 multistacks
Water 4 multistaka
Round rice 2 multistaka
Butter about 20 gram
Salt 1 / 3 teaspoon
Sugar or honey 3 teaspoons

Milk pumpkin pap cooked with rice, millet. However, with rice, it turns out much tastier and more nutritious.


Algorithm for preparing milk pumpkin porridge with rice:

1. Learn the recipe, prepare all the necessary ingredients. As for the pumpkin, it should be ripe, juicy, sweet and have a rich orange color. It must be cleaned, washed in water. Then cut it into small cubes. In the absence of fresh, you can use frozen pumpkin.

diced pumpkin

2. Cut a small piece of butter to grease the bottom and side walls of the multicooker bowl.

butter in the bowl

3. In the prepared container, send the sliced ​​pumpkin.

pumpkin in the bowl

4. As for rice cereal, it should be washed with cold and then warm or hot running water. This will allow you to wash off the starch, fat. So the finished dish will turn out crumbly.

washed rice on sieve

5. Send the prepared cereal to the pumpkin in the bowl of the kitchen appliance.

rice and pumpkin in the bowl

6. After that measure out the specified amount of water, fresh milk. Then pour into the bowl of the device. At this stage, add sugar and a little salt.

rice and pumpkin with milk and sugar

7. Capacity send to the slow cooker and fix. Cover the lid until it clicks. Set the appropriate cooking mode available in your miracle appliance. The best will be "Milk porridge", "Soup", "Porridge", "Rice". The duration of cooking pumpkin-rice porridge with milk will be at least twenty minutes.

multicooker panel

8. When the dish is ready, the slow cooker will give you a beep. Do not rush to immediately open the lid and lay out a delicacy on plates. Leave it for another ten minutes so that it is infused, and the rice is soaked with the smell of pumpkin.

9. After that, thoroughly mix a healthy dish, add a little butter and serve in portions.

Video recipe

As you can see, the process of cooking a bright, delicate and tasty dish is very simple, fast, due to the use of a wonderful kitchen appliance - a multicooker. Cook with pleasure!

Updated: 15.08.2018

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