How to cook rice porridge with pumpkin on the water

prepared rice porridge on the table

Rice porridge is very good for health, especially for the full and proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It turns out incredibly easy, airy, crumbly, if you cook it properly, following the advice of experienced chefs. It is interesting that rice porridge has unique adsorbing properties, it perfectly absorbs poisons and toxic substances, as well as slags and excess moisture, after which it rapidly evacuates them from the human body.

Rice helps to lose weight, with it you can easily lose a few extra pounds. To diversify the diet, as well as to put your body in order, you can prepare a simple, very healthy dietary dish. We are talking about pumpkin porridge with rice groats, boiled in water. Despite the fact that many people are accustomed to cooking this dish with milk, if you cook it on water, it will have much less calories and more benefits.

Technology of preparation

Rice porridge with pumpkin on the water is prepared very simply and quickly. To make the dish tasty, useful, you need to use a proven and reliable recipe. Everyone knows that pumpkin porridge on milk turns out gentle, airy. However, the proposed step-by-step recipe with photos claims that rice porridge with pumpkin on water is much more useful and easier than on milk.

The recipes of this dish are so varied, popular, that they can be cooked every day. It is important to note that porridge with pumpkin and cereals is not just a very tasty dish, but also incredibly healthy. The fact is that it is a valuable storehouse of slow carbohydrates and fiber, which are important for normal digestion. In spite of the fact that rice gruel is in third place after buckwheat and oatmeal in terms of taste and beneficial properties, it still remains very popular. Basically, these porridges are boiled in milk, adding fresh berries and fruits.

Ready-made porridge on water is much healthier than milk; it is lighter, tasty, lean and dietary. It can be used in the nutrition of children suffering from allergies to milk protein or from lactose deficiency.

With the help of rice porridge, you can easily, quickly and without harm satisfy hunger. It is considered the best source of vigor, strength, energy. Nutritionists strongly recommend eating such a gruel with pumpkin in the morning for breakfast or lunch, it will help to be energetic, focused and strong throughout the day. If you are cooking in summer, you can add fresh berries and fruits, which will fill the gruel with minerals and vitamins, beneficial substances and trace elements. As for rice porridge with pumpkin, it is cooked in the fall, winter, and spring.


Frozen / Fresh Pumpkin 100 gr
Long grain steamed rice about ½ cup
Salt ¼ tsp
Butter 20 grams
Sugar 1 teaspoon


1. Carefully study the method of preparation, then prepare all the necessary products for cooking. It is advisable to use a thick-walled stewpot. Rice grain to sort, rinse well with running water, and then pour a glass of ice water.

washed rice in a bowl

2. Send the saucepan to the stove and add salt. At first, the fire should be maximized so that the water boils faster. After that, you can turn down the heat, boil for fifteen to twenty minutes.

add a spoonful of salt

3. When the rice is almost cooked, and there is a little more water in the saucepan, you can add a pre-cooked pumpkin. It is necessary to wash, peel, remove seeds and fibers, then cut into small pieces or grate on a coarse grater. If the pumpkin is frozen, then add it a little earlier so that it can reach readiness in time.

pumpkin in the pan

4. In the next step, you can add sugar. Do not immediately stir, let the pumpkin soak up the sweetness. This method of cooking will allow you to enhance the taste of the ingredients, as well as to achieve a rich and bright aroma that will fill the whole house.

add a spoon of sugar

5. Then you can cover the pan with a lid, continue to cook at minimum heat for at least ten minutes. Porridge will turn out crumbly and incredibly tender. The finished pumpkin will be soft, melting in your mouth.

cooked porridge in the pan

6. Serve porridge in a portion plate, adding a little butter. It is important to note that the principles of healthy eating imply the use of high-quality butter, and not spread.

ready porridge in a portion plate

7. Healthy, balanced and delicious breakfast is ready. Considering the bright appearance, the original serving and the amazing taste qualities of the dishes, your household will take great pleasure in appreciating your culinary skills. This squash with pumpkin is rich in carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, as well as valuable fiber.

Video recipe

The proposed preparation of porridge with rice and pumpkin deserves special respect. The benefit of such a dish is due to the composition and properties of the pumpkin. The fruit contains a lot of vitamins, fiber, pectic substances and carbohydrates. In addition, it contains carotene, fructose and sucrose, glucose, as well as an unusually rare vitamin T. The composition of the root contains many trace elements, namely cobalt, iron and manganese. It perfectly helps with anemia of iron deficiency, with cholecystitis and diseased intestines.

Enter this fragrant tasty dish in your diet. Cook with pleasure, and your family and friends will appreciate your efforts!

Updated: 16.06.2018

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