The recipe of rice porridge with stew, as in the USSR

prepared rice porridge

Rice porridge is very tasty, nutritious, balanced and healthy. It can be cooked with anything: with fish, meat, vegetables, or simply boil, dressing with butter. In any case, it turns out delicious dietary dish. It is worth remembering the nineties, when many foods and delicacies were in short supply. As a variety, many mothers and grandmothers cooked a crumbly rice gruel, and then mixed it with homemade or store stew. Despite the simplicity and routine, the dish turned out incredibly tasty, juicy, nourishing and fragrant. And if you decorate it with fresh herbs and serve with vegetables, it is suitable for a festive table.

Features of preparation

One of the most simple, but hearty dishes is rice porridge with stew, the recipe of which will amaze with its plainness and excellent result. To cook rice porridge with stew, as in the USSR, it is enough to use the proposed recipe. According to the recipe, prepare all the necessary ingredients. They must be high quality and fresh.

To make rice porridge tasty, it is not enough to use a good recipe, it is important to know the main subtleties and secrets of cooking. You should also choose the right dishes for cooking porridge. It is important to remember that rice porridge is more convenient to cook in aluminum pots or dishes with a non-stick bottom. Even if the porridge burns, you can easily clean the dishes without damaging the surface.

No less important is the rice grain variety. Each rice variety has its minuses and advantages, which significantly affects the taste and aesthetic qualities of the finished dish. That is why pay special attention to the choice of rice. To make porridge tasty, it is advisable to use only round rice, as it is sticky and sticky. However, before cooking it should be thoroughly washed to scrub the excess starch.


To cook rice porridge with stew, you need the following ingredients:

Beef or pork stew about 250 gram
rice groats 200 grams
Water 0,5 l
Carrot Medium 1 piece.
Onion 2 heads
Salt ½ tsp

food ingredients


1. Rice cereal should be washed, then pour warm water for thirty minutes, so that the grains are swollen and slightly increased in size.

rice in water

2. Then drain the water. Send the cereal to a pan of boiling water, add salt and cook until ready. You can pour rice with cold water and cook, but the cooking time will be longer.

rice in a saucepan

3. At this time, peel onions and cut into thin half-rings. Pour some vegetable oil into the pan, fry onions on it to a golden hue.

onions in a pan

4. During the passage of onions, engage in carrots, namely, grate them. Then add it to the onions and fry. Do not forget to stir periodically.

onions with carrots in a pan

5. Open a can of stew, put the meat on a cutting board and knead with a fork.

stew on the board

6. When the vegetables are ready, it's time to mix them with beef stew. Simmer for about five minutes.

vegetables with stew

7. Put the cooked rice porridge in a pan with vegetables and canned meat. Then stir everything, cover and extinguish for ten minutes on minimal heat.

vegetables with stew and rice

8. Rice porridge with meat stew, as in the USSR, is ready. It can be decorated with tomatoes, herbs. The dish turns out tasty, fragrant and juicy, and thanks to the stew - nourishing and nutritious.

Video recipe

Given that the preparation of the dish will require a minimum amount of ingredients, this cereal is simple and affordable. At the same time, this dish will be a great lunch or a hearty dinner. Indulge your household with a delicious and fragrant nutritious dish.

Updated: 17.04.2018

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  1. Jupiter

    The recipe is good!
    Today I will definitely try.
    Usually in the store I take to take a hike and so on, immediately ready porridge with BMP stew, and here I can do it myself and straight in the hike)
    I hope this porridge will be no worse than Buryatmypromovskaya)

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