Cooking milk millet and rice porridge in a slow cooker

ready foam-rice porridge

Combined porridge, consisting of rice and millet groats, is incredibly tasty, appetizing, nutritious and very healthy. Who would have thought, but this combination is extremely successful and original. If you have such an amazing appliance in your kitchen as a slow cooker, then the cooking process is noticeably easier. Thanks to the multicooker, any dish turns out to be more beneficial, as it allows preserving vitamins and beneficial substances as a result of heat treatment. If you use the slow cooker and the proposed recipe, then you can quickly cook a wholesome and balanced breakfast for the whole family, spending a little time. The only thing you have to do is to put all the necessary products in the container of the device and set the appropriate mode.

Cooking technology

Rice-millet porridge in a slow cooker is an original, but very tasty combination of cereals. The dish is not only very healthy and rich, but also tasty, juicy, tender. Prepare such a gruel can be for half an hour, spending the minimum amount of ingredients. One plate of rice-millet porridge is a rich storehouse of vitamins, amino acids, protein, minerals, macro- and microelements.


Millet about 30 gram
Round rice 50 grams
Butter 15 grams
Water 200 milliliters
Milk 200 milliliters
Sugar or honey 2 teaspoons
Salt 1 / 3 teaspoon

From the proposed number of products, you can prepare two servings. The total duration of cooking porridge with rice and millet is thirty-five minutes.


1. It is necessary to do the preparation of cereals. Rice to sort and rinse with warm water and then cold. This will help you get rid of unwanted fat, starch. It is advisable to fill the rice with water and leave in a bowl for ten minutes, then drain all the liquid. After the procedure, fold it to a fine sieve.

millet and rice in water

2. Turn on the multicooker to the outlet, and grease the container with plenty of butter. This must be done so that during cooking porridge does not burn.

greased multicooker

3. As for millet groats, it is necessary to do the same manipulations with it as with rice. After washing, the water should be clear.

millet in water

4. Often, millet gives bitterness, which significantly spoils the taste of the finished dish. This can be avoided if you use a little trick. Cool boiling water will help prevent the formation of bitterness from the wheat, which should be poured over the cereal. It is advisable to carry out such a manipulation on a fine sieve so that the water immediately drains. When the millet is clean, send it to the slow cooker for rice.

millet and rice in a slow cooker

5. Measure out the water, milk, according to the recipe, pour into the bowl, add salt and sugar. Optionally, you can change the ratio of water and milk.

milk in the slow cooker

6. Close the lid of the kitchen appliance and set the appropriate cooking mode. In this case, suitable "Milk porridge", "Rice" or "Porridge". Cooking duration - 25-30 minutes.

porridge mode

7. When the beep sounds, do not rush to open the multicooker lid. Leave the finished gruel for ten minutes to sweat. Before serving, sprinkle the dish with a piece of butter.

Video recipe

The recipe for rice porridge with millet in milk and water is extremely simple. Using the multicooker, you greatly facilitate the process, since your direct participation is reduced to a minimum. Cook with pleasure and pamper your household healthy and tasty food.

Updated: 15.09.2018

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