Rice Porridge with Raisin Recipe

prepared rice porridge

Milk porridge with the addition of raisins is not everyone's taste. However, lovers of proper, balanced and healthy food must pay attention to it. 100 grams of food contains complex carbohydrates, which will help to hold out until lunch without any snacks. As for raisins, it will saturate the body with additional microelements, vitamins and minerals.

So, we need an excellent rice porridge with raisin recipe to make a tasty dish. Despite the abundance and variety of recipes, it is difficult to prepare the dish correctly. First you need to find the perfect rice, namely round. When it is cooked, the texture becomes viscous and sticky, which is great for milk porridge.

The peculiarity of cooking is constant control and attention. You should regularly stir the porridge so that it does not burn.


To prepare the dish according to the proposed recipe, use the following ingredients:

Round rice 300 grams
Milk 400 ml
Water 300 ml
Sugar 3 tablespoons
Raisins ¾ cup
Salt ½ tsp
Butter 50 grams
Vanilla to taste


Phased cooking tasty and healthy dishes:

1. Prepare all specified products. In a saucepan, pour the rice, rinse under running water. It is important to wash off all the dust, remove the spoiled grains. Pour in water. Place the pot on the stove and bring the water to a boil. Continue cooking on low heat until liquid is absorbed. Do not forget to stir!

washed rice in a saucepan

2. Pour in 200 ml of milk while stirring constantly.

rice in a pan with milk

3. According to the proposed recipe, the next step is to add sugar, salt. If you want to give the divine flavor of the finished milk porridge, add a pinch of vanilla sugar or a few drops of vanilla extract.

rice with milk and sugar

4. Measure out ¾ cup raisins. Rinse with warm water, add to pan. Stir.

rice with raisins in a saucepan

5. Then pour the remaining milk at room temperature so as not to change the temperature in the pan! Boil until the raisins and cereal are soft.

add the remaining milk

6. Milk rice porridge with raisins should have a viscous, sticky consistency. At this stage of the recipe, you must add butter. Stir.

all the ingredients in the pan

7. Sweet rice porridge with raisins on milk is ready! You can apply for tasting.

Video recipe

Rice porridge with raisins is a great idea for a healthy, balanced, nutritious breakfast for the whole family. Particular attention should be paid to baby food, as a growing body must receive sufficient amounts of vitamins and nutrients. Rice porridge with raisins will allow you to feel energetic, vigorous and strong. To cook it, you need to use a good recipe!

Rice is a natural adsorbent that can thoroughly cleanse the entire body of harmful toxins, slags, poisons, mucus and excess fluid. Krupa absorbs salts and various harmful substances, actively removes them. This dish is used in various types of dietary food.

It is important! Do not abuse the dish, rice porridge with raisins is not recommended to eat more than twice a week. This is due to the peculiarities of the cereal and astringent effect. Abuse is fraught with constipation. Observe the measure.

Rice porridge is a great option for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Start your morning with a plate of tasty, fragrant and nourishing porridge. Enjoy your meal! Cook with pleasure and love!

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Updated: 04.05.2018

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