Cooking rice porridge with raisins in a slow cooker

cooked porridge with raisins on a plate

What could be better than milk rice porridge for breakfast, especially if it is cooked in a slow cooker. This porridge goes well with raisins and dried apricots, so you can easily diversify your own diet. In addition, rice porridge, boiled in milk, is considered extremely beneficial to the health and full functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Preparing such a dish with the help of a multicooker will not be difficult, since you only need to load all the necessary ingredients into the container, set the appropriate mode and wait for the sound signal.

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Rice porridge is not just a tasty and fast breakfast, but also a very nutritious, balanced and healthy. This recipe is great for people adhering to the principles of proper nutrition. This dish can be entered in the children's diet.

Multicooker significantly reduces the cooking time. The approximate preparation time for a wholesome breakfast for the whole family will be about twenty-five minutes. With regard to the preparation of ingredients and their immersion in the capacity of the multicooker, in total, it will take no more than five minutes.


For the preparation of milk porridge will need such ingredients:

Rice cereal 100 grams
Milk 300 milliliters
Water 200 milliliters
Butter 15 grams
Raisins 50 grams
Sugar 2-3 teaspoons
Salt 1 / 3 teaspoon


1. First of all, check the availability of all the necessary ingredients. Before you start cooking healthy porridge, you should thoroughly wash the raisins, remove debris, and remove the tails. If the porridge is milky, the raisins are presoaked in water and then added to the finished dish. You should not put it during cooking, because the raisins contain a certain amount of acid, so that the milk can curdle.

washed raisins

2. Then proceed to the preparation of rice cereals. First you need to measure the 100 gram of product, which is about ½ cup. Send in a colander and rinse with water. So that the porridge does not stick together, but turned out crumbly and tender, it is necessary to rinse according to all the rules. First use cold water - this is necessary to eliminate a large amount of starch. After that, rinse with warm or hot water to get rid of fat.

rice in a colander

3. Connect the slow cooker to the outlet. Cut a small piece of butter and grease abundantly the walls, the bottom of the bowl of the kitchen appliance. This will help the porridge not to stick and not to burn. Wash washed rice in a greased multicooker container.

oil in the slow cooker

4. Then you need to add the amount of sugar, salt, water and milk specified in the recipe. As for the proportions of milk and water, you can change them to your own taste.

milk in the slow cooker

5. Slam the kitchen appliance lid. Set the appropriate cooking mode. In this case, it will be "Porridge", "Milk porridge" or "Rice". The approximate cooking time is about twenty minutes, it all depends on the brand and power of the multicooker you are using.

multicooker mode porridge

6. You will learn about the readiness of rice porridge on a special sound signal, which will give the device. Slightly open the cap and add the swollen, pre-washed raisins. Stir the milk porridge thoroughly, close the lid and leave for ten minutes.

raisins in rice

7. Rice porridge is ready. Before serving, decorate with raisins, berries or fruits. It turns out very tasty, fast and incredibly simple, especially with the help of a slow cooker.

Video recipe

As you can see, the recipe for this dish is very simple. If you do not like breakfast, then you should try this idea, you will certainly like it, and you will reconsider your views on the need for a daily breakfast.

Updated: 28.09.2018

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