How to cook loose rice porridge

cooked porridge in a plate

Rice porrigeboiled in water is considered a very light and dietary dish. This dish is an integral part of the children's and medical diet. In addition, you can cook crumbly and tasty porridge, which will be an excellent side dish for meat, vegetable and fish dishes. Using a good step by step method of cooking with photos, you can simplify the cooking process. This dish will be one of the most beloved in your family.

Features of preparation

Crumbly rice porridge is cooked very quickly and easily. Rice porridge is extremely useful for the health and work of the digestive tract. It is a valuable source of vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements that ensure the proper functioning of the digestive process and all internal organs.

With this recipe you can quickly cook a tasty dish. Rice pap helps to maintain its shape in good condition, lose those extra pounds and tighten the body. However, any recipe has its own subtleties and secrets that you need to know in advance.

How to cook crumbly rice porridge? For this you need high-quality cereals, a detailed recipe with photos, as well as knowledge of some tricks. For cooking rice porridge crumbly, you need to perform several important manipulations. The first thing that should be done is to sort out the cereal to get rid of unsuitable and low-quality grains. Rinse the remaining grits under warm, and then under cold running water. Contrast temperatures are necessary in order to get rid of dust, fat and starch, which are contained on the surface of rice. Thanks to proper, thorough washing you will have a crumbly porridge.


Boiled water 2 glasses
Rice cereal 1 glass
Butter 30 grams
Fine salt 1 teaspoon

From this list of ingredients, four portions of crumbly, tasty and extremely healthy porridge are obtained.


1. To get started, prepare all the necessary ingredients. Buy high-quality rice, do not save money on this product. The proposed method of preparation and the number of ingredients is designed for four medium portions. If you need to cook more porridge, increase the number of components, given the proportions. For one part of the rice, use two parts of water. Thus, the dish will turn out crumbly.

food ingredients

2. The second important step is washing the cereal. The final result of the finished dish depends on this procedure. First you need to rinse with cold water to get rid of starch, after that - hot, so the fat is washed out. It is necessary to wash the cereal until the water is clear. In some cases, the procedure is performed about seven times.

cereal washing

3. Place the rice in a saucepan, pour over two glasses of water and send to the stove. The fire level at this stage should be maximum. Wait for boiling, add salt, reduce heat. Stir rice. Cover the pan with a lid and cook the cereal for fifteen minutes. At this time, it is not necessary to open the lid and stir the rice.

rice on the stove

4. Porridge is considered ready if all the water has evaporated. The pot can be removed from heat, then season with good butter and mix. Cover the pot with a lid, wrap it in a towel and leave it for twenty minutes, so that each grain can steam out as it should.


5. Dietary, light, crumbly and airy pap is ready. Serve the dish to the table. Rice goes well with canned corn and peas.

cooked porridge on the stove

Video recipe

Thanks to the proposed recipe, you will prepare not just a healthy and dietary dish, but also a very tasty, aromatic. Boiled rice is an elegant side dish for fish, meat and vegetable products.

Updated: 06.04.2018

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  1. Konstantin

    Do not dock it turns out: in the section "Features of cooking" it is said that the grits should be washed under warm water, and THEN under cold running water. And in the section "Preparation" (item 2) - first you need to rinse with cold water to get rid of the starch, then hot.
    Could you comment? Thank!

    • vashakasha

      Main rinse and warm and cold water.

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