The recipe for Lenten rice porridge

prepared rice porridge

Lean rice porridge, cooked in a slow cooker, turns out insanely delicate, tasty, fragrant, crumbly and healthy. You can cook porridge with raisins, dried fruits or vegetables. An important feature of the multicooker - it retains all the vitamins, useful and nutrients of the ingredients. Before you start cooking, it is important to determine the rice variety. If you like round rice, you get a sticky and sticky porridge, which is best cooked in milk. The proposed recipe implies lean porridge on the water, so it is better to use long rice, as it turns out crumbly and whole. Such a mess, enriched with raisins and dried fruit, will not leave anyone indifferent, even the most fastidious and capricious child. We also recommend the recipe: rice porridge with raisins on milk.


To prepare, use the following list of ingredients:

Water 400 ml
rice 1 glass
Salt ½ tsp
Sugar to taste
Raisins 2 tablespoons
Cinnamon pinch


Phased cooking in a slow cooker with photos of the culinary process:

1) Prepare the rice. Go through it and get rid of spoiled grains, garbage. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to wash the starch, but not all, as the porridge should turn out to be slightly viscous.

washed rice on sieve

2) Drain it on the baking sheet. Pour into a glass, send multicookers to the bowl. Watch out for black and tainted grains.

rice in a slow cooker

3) The next step is to fill in the washed and dried cereals with the necessary amount of warm water. Pay particular attention to the variety of rice, as the final taste and result depend on it. Add salt, sugar.

rice with water in a slow cooker

4) Close the lid of the kitchen appliance. Click "Start", select the appropriate program. Best of all, use the function “Cooking”, “Milk porridge” or “Porridge”. The time and the cooking temperature are determined automatically according to the selected program. The approximate cooking time is 30-35 minutes.

ready rice in the slow cooker

5) After the beep, you can serve a dish to the table. The lean porridge will be more delicious if you add some cinnamon and washed raisins. The dish will get a beautiful shade and divine aroma. Despite the fact that the dish is lean, its taste will be just amazing!

Video recipe

Multicooker - a useful and convenient device that facilitates the culinary process. Cooking rice porridge in a slow cooker is a pleasure. You need to load all the ingredients and set a certain cooking mode, and then wait for a beep that will alert you when the cooking is finished. Thus, you will spend a minimum of time on cooking.

Use the proposed recipe, pamper your loved ones and loved ones with a useful delicacy.

We also want to tell you how to cook rice porridge on water without multicooker.

Updated: 01.02.2019

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