How to cook rice porridge on water in a slow cooker

prepared rice porridge in a bowl

Rice porridge for breakfast is a great start to the day. It is a charge of cheerfulness, energy, positive and longevity. It can be cooked in water, milk or broth. If you cook porridge on the basis of milk, then it is better to make it sweet, with the addition of dried fruits and other additives. On water the dish will be less calorie, you can serve as a side dish or main course. It will be good to combine with fresh vegetables or boiled chicken.

When laying the ingredients in a slow cooker, one should take into account that the rice swells during the cooking process. The recipe is designed for multicooker with the volume of a bowl of 4 liters. At the end of cooking, add butter to the gruel. So it will become more fragrant and tasty. You will be presented with a step-by-step recipe of cooking in a slow cooker with a detailed description and photos that facilitate the process. You can also cook millet porridge on the water in the slow cooker.


rice 2 glasses
Water 4 glasses
Salt 1 teaspoon
Butter 70 grams
Fresh vegetables, greens for filing


1. Choose quality cereals. Sift through a sieve, sort through. Thus, get rid of excess litter, husk, dust.

rice cereal in a plate

2. First, wash the rice several times with warm water and then hot, using a fine sieve. This is done in order to wash the starch from each grain and gluten. After this heat treatment, all the fat will be washed. Thanks to this manipulation you get crumbly porridge.

washed grits on the sieve

3. Pour the cereal into a platter. Fill with hot water for 30 minutes.

rice in water

4. Drain the water, pour the rice into the bowl of the slow cooker. Salt. Fill with water. Put half of the butter, stir. Close the cover of the multicooker, set the mode “Groats” or “Buckwheat” to 30 minutes. This time will be enough for all the liquid to evaporate, soak into the grits.

pour water into the slow cooker

5. After the beep sounds, open the lid, check for water. Put the rest of the oil, mix. Close, let stand the 10 minutes on the “Preheat” mode.

mixing in the slow cooker

6. Rice porridge in the Redmond multicooker is ready. You can use as a garnish for meat, fish, poultry. Add finely chopped greens before serving. Cook this gorgeous dish according to the recipe. Surprise your family that healthy food can be delicious.

The calorie content of the finished dish is 77 kilocalories per 100 grams. The dish is dietary and medicinal, so feel free to add to the diet and do not worry about your figure. This porridge will enrich your body with useful substances.

Rice porridge like adults and children. If you take a good recipe, high-quality cereals, you can cook the perfect dish that will become an indispensable decoration of your table. You can also cook rice porridge with apples.

According to the proposed recipe, porridge will be boiled based on water using multicookers Polaris. Rice porridge cooked in this way will be softer, more aromatic, healthier, tastier than on a regular stove.

Useful Properties

Rice is a universal cereal crop that contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It contains few calories, so the inhabitants of the east, who eat rice all the time, have an excellent figure and can boast of longevity.

  • Rice porridge is rich in vitamins: PP, B, B1, B6, H, E, which easily satisfy all the needs of the human body. Contains trace elements, minerals: calcium, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorus, manganese.
  • It is a low-calorie dish. On 100, grams of ready-made rice porridge cooked in water, accounts for 77 kilocalories. Therefore, it is considered a dietary, therapeutic, healing product.
  • Rice porridge stimulates brain activity, improves memory, strengthens and soothes the nervous system. Helps to fight with depressive moods, nerves, mental disorders.
  • Rice decoction is effective for diarrhea and diarrhea, thanks to the substances contained in the grains of rice. Rice should not be abused, it can provoke constipation.
  • It is an indispensable part of the diet of infants. Pediatricians recommend using rice gruel as the first feeding. You can enter in the diet with 6 months.

Harmful properties

Despite the benefits of rice, you should know that in some cases, rice porridge has a negative impact on human health.

  • A dish made from poor quality cereals, can be harmful to health.
  • Rice that has been improperly processed and stored can cause the following diseases: diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, the formation of kidney stones, problems with the work of the heart.
  • Long-term use in food, often three times a week, can lead to constipation, impaired peristalsis.

To rice porridge was useful, carefully choose cereals, cook with pleasure and do not abuse.

Adhering to these rules, you will be full of energy, strength and vigor. Rice porridge without milkcooked in multivariate, will delight you and your household. Besides this recipe, try cooking rice porridge with apples in a slow cooker.

Updated: 03.06.2018

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