How to cook rice porridge with milk in a slow cooker

Ready rice porridge

The recipe for cooking rice porridge with milk has always interested novice hostesses.

This is not surprising, because milk porridge at all times was considered an excellent breakfast dish, as well as a wonderful side dish and a wonderful lunch for your child. In a slow cooker, such porridge is more tender and useful than in a saucepan.. In addition, this dish has a low calorie. At the same time, rice porridge is nutritious and satisfying.

With multicookers, which greatly simplifies the cooking process, you can cook an incredibly tasty and fragrant milky rice gruel.


rice 1 measuring cup
Milk 2 glasses
Water 2 glasses
Sugar 1-2 UF.
Salt 0,5 tsp
Butter 1 tbsp.

Course of preparation:

1. To prepare this dish, choose the type of rice that you prefer. Not only tastes of porridge, but also its consistency depend on the type of cereal. For cooking, use any slow cooker that your kitchen is equipped with. This can be Panasonic, Scarlet or Philips. Depending on the type of technology milk porridge does not change its properties. The only difference is that multicookers are equipped with different modes and functions. Porridge in any case get tasty, crumbly and healthy. In our case, the model Philips serves as an assistant in the kitchen.

Wash rice
2. First of all, we wash the rice several times under the pressure of a stream of water. The cleaner the croup, the better the dish will turn out.

3. After that, leave the rice to drain in a colander. In the meantime, turn on the Philips and prepare the bowl in the slow cooker.

Rice stands up
4. Rice fall asleep in the bowl of the multicooker, then pour in milk and water. Add salt and sugar. Do not forget that the total caloric content of the dish depends on how much sugar will be used in the preparation.

Rice in a bowl of the multicooker
5. After that, close the lid and turn on the “milk porridge” cooking mode. If there is no such mode in the multicooker, use the “rice” function. Cooking porridge is necessary up to 40 minutes. After that, let the mass stand for about 15 minutes in the heating mode.

Rice cooking mode in a multi-cooker Philips
6. Dairy rice porrige is ready. As you can see, the recipe is simple and does not require special knowledge. In the finished dish, add a piece of butter so that the pap becomes more saturated and fragrant.

Video recipe

As you can see recipe in a slow cooker It does not take you much time. This dish will delight with its taste. In addition, porridge cooked in a slow cooker, it turns out very useful and nutritious. Due to this heat treatment, the original ingredients retain most of the beneficial substances, in particular vitamins and minerals.

The dish is low-calorie, but very nourishing. This cereal will be an excellent option for a balanced nutritious breakfast for the whole family. Pamper your household with a healthy and tasty dish. Enjoy your meal!

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Updated: 10.12.2018

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  1. Sergei

    cooked in a slow cooker pressure cooker Scarlet. There is no porridge function, I set the function for rice. 12 min (automatically sets) it was prepared super. thanks for the recipe.

  2. Baby

    Here are just set, niznayu how come?

  3. Svetlana

    In forty minutes I had a wonderful milky rice porridge. On the stove this did not work once. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Nadia

      On my stove, always rice milk porridges are so tasty they were obtained - you can't drag them away by your ears! But in the multicooker some nonsense is obtained ((Maybe in a multicooker case?

  4. Christina

    Thank you for such a delicious and most importantly simple recipe! It turned out very tasty porridge!

  5. Alain

    After 30 minutes, the croup was still raw, so I put it on for 15 minutes. And everything turned out, thanks)

  6. Yuliya

    Swine porridge turned out, and a lot of liquid

  7. Aliska

    Good and tender porridge! Thank)

  8. Sergei

    Preparing 40 minutes, as in the recipe, on the mode of porridge. Then he added oil and let stand for 10 minutes. It turned out great! Thanks for the recipe!

  9. Aliska

    It turned out

  10. Olesya

    Super Duper!!!!!

  11. Baby

    Thanks for the recipe, porridge is super! Kids liked it.

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