Cooking rice milk porridge with apples

cooked porridge with apples on a plate

Rice is a unique cereal. It is used in the preparation of many dishes in many countries. Rice cereal is a valuable, rich source of vitamin B that helps strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Particularly noteworthy is the sweet milk porridge cooked with rice. It turns out not only useful, but also tasty, easy, gentle and simply divine. The chemical composition of rice includes all the essential amino acids for humans. Grains of cereals contain a lot of protein. At the same time, they do not have gluten, which is a weighty advantage.

Technology of preparation

Rice porridge with milk and apples is a smart alternative to breakfast sandwiches. If you cook it correctly, the dish will turn out not just tasty and tender, but also extremely useful for the work of the whole organism. Milk rice porridge with apples is easy to prepare, for this you need to use a step-by-step recipe, equipped with photos.

Many people love milk cereals with rice and pumpkin, apples, as they are refreshing, toning and airy. As for the nutritional value of the dish, the harmonious balance of fats and proteins allowed rice to win love and respect all over the world. From it you can cook a lot of diverse, original and healthy dishes. Rice is used in the preparation of milk porridges, pilau, risotto, soups, casseroles, puddings and other dishes.

This recipe is dedicated to such a wonderful and fast in cooking dish, like rice milk porridge with apples. The process is very simple, affordable. If desired, you can add other fruits with apples, take into account your own preferences.

How to cook milk porridge? The process of making a sweet dairy dish is that first of all rice must be boiled in water, only then add milk and bring to full readiness. If you want to improve the taste, emphasize the brightness of the dish, feel free to add apples. The finished dish will have a rich fruity-milky aroma. Cooking time is about twenty five minutes.


Milk ½ cup
Water 2 glasses
Rice cereal 1 glass
Apple ripe 1 piece.
Butter 15 grams
Salt and sugar to taste


1. Prepare all foods. Then do some rice. It is necessary to sort and rinse thoroughly with running water. This is an indispensable procedure that removes gummy and unwanted substances from grains. They make porridge too viscous.

rice washing

2. Pour the rice with water, add a little salt and sugar.

add sugar to rice

3. Boil rice porridge should be at least fifteen minutes on the smallest fire. When the grains swell, they will absorb almost all the liquid, you can pour in the pre-heated milk and mix well.

pour milk into a pot of swollen rice

4. Then add the apple, cut into large cubes. If desired, add a small amount of sugar to enhance the taste of the finished dish.

sliced ​​apples

5. Broil apples and porridge for five to ten minutes at minimal heat. This time is enough for the fruit to acquire a soft texture, a wonderful aroma and delicate, airy taste. After a specified time, you can stir porridge.

stewed apples in rice

6. Remove the pan from the stove, add a little butter and leave under the lid for five minutes. Then stir thoroughly, so that the oil is evenly distributed.

add butter to cooked porridge

7. Serve porridge porridge, decorated with slices of apples and other fruits.

Video recipe

The proposed step-by-step recipe will help you to easily prepare a healthy, balanced, tasty and nutritious breakfast for the whole family. This dish will certainly enjoy the kids.

Updated: 15.11.2018

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