How to cook milk rice porridge

Ready rice porridge

We all remember such a wonderful dish since childhood. Delicious milk rice porridge is always associated with health and children's impressions. And it is true. Rice porridge in milk is useful, and its preparation takes a minimum of time and money. Cooking is a pleasure. Although each housewife has his own recipe for rice porridge with milk.

So, how to cook rice porridge on milk?


rice 1 glass
Milk 0,5 liters
Sugar 3 Art. spoons
Butter 2 Art. spoons
Salt to taste


1. Well wash the rice in cold water. Rinse until water is clear as in the photo. Put the rice in a saucepan and pour cold water. Cooking with cold water is longer, but the porridge will get tastier. About half a liter of water can be a little more, but not less. Our recipe today is separate cooking of the dish components. The proportions indicated above can be made a little more or less. The main thing is that you will get it. Put the pot on the fire and bring to a boil. Prepare milk for boiling.

Fill rice with water

2. Cooking will have to go far from the stove - it will be necessary to stir more often. So cook until half ready. It will take about 15 minutes to cook. Constantly try. Cook rice to such a state that it absorbs all the water. The photo shows the consistency.

Boiled rice

3. We take milk, we pour in separate ware and we bring to boiling. Add sugar - so that the porridge turned out really tasty and sweet. Caution! The milk immediately after boiling will run away, the preparation of dairy dishes is always associated with this rather unpleasant property of milk! We will cook on low heat. Hot milk is poured into cooked rice. Add sugar and salt to your taste. Keep in mind that rice absorbs the ingredients well, so you can put a little more salt in you than you think is just right. A little bit.

Rice pour milk

4. It is necessary to boil the porridge until the rice is fully cooked. We test readiness empirically. That is, the breakdown. Do not forget to constantly stir. Rice loves to stick to the bottom and lumpiness, so you should cook it, constantly stirring porridge. Every one to two minutes. After the milk is poured, and the porridge is brought to a boil, it remains to cook 6 - 7 for another minute.

Rice in milk on a spoon

5. Well, our milk rice is ready. It seems that no special additions to this dish are required. Although it is an amateur. Often rice porridge is supplemented with raisins, apples, dried fruit or jam.

Rice mainly contains B-group vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. The composition of the vitamin complex of this cereal has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. In principle, the benefits of rice for the central nervous system are noted even in people who are far from science and knowledge of biochemistry. Dairy and in general, rice porridges are soothed, and it is easy to cook them.

Video recipe

Rice is rich in iron, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, calcium. It has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart and the state of the vessels. Of particular note is the fact that rice removes from the body excess salt, - "white death". Due to the high content of potassium, sodium salts (sodium chloride is sodium chloride) are displaced. This helps to improve the work of the brain, blood vessels, heart, more efficient metabolism and decomposition of excess fat. That is why rice porridge and other dishes are eaten on numerous diets.

But before cooking rice porridge on milk, let's see what the benefits and harms of this wonderful product, and what kind of cereal in general.

Milk rice porridge, and rice in general are useful, it has been known for a long time. The main thing that makes it a popular product of many nations so far is its composition. This is a unique product, whatever the recipe. In 100 grams of rice, 8 grams of complex carbohydrates (which are decomposed by the body with difficulty, and not like, for example, sugar). Rice contains 8 essential amino acids. Fiber is quite small (3%), so a side dish of rice seems to be an excellent option, not only in taste, but also in purely biochemical. Calorie rice porridge on milk 97 kcal.

The shape of the grains of this cereal is long and round-grained. Cooks say that the most delicious porridge is obtained if you cook it from long-grained rice. However, I can argue. From round-grained varieties porridge certainly tastier. The benefits of both varieties are the same, as well as the harm.

What is the harm of rice? Unfortunately, he is. Of course, not the one that is sometimes shown on some ridiculous videos designed to draw attention to the video. But there is.

What kind of rice to choose

Of course, you can cook delicious food from any variety. But to know the difference is necessary. On sale it is of three types - white, yellow and dark. Any variety will suit for milk porridge, just the benefits of different varieties are slightly different. Although, any rice porridge with milk is tasty and healthy. Our recipe today is round grain rice.

White rice is steamed and processed grains, which are quite suitable for cooking for children or elderly people and patients. In principle, they can be cooked by everyone. Yellow rice is a partially processed product. The top layer of grains is removed, in the process of steaming and processing most of the useful substances penetrate deep into the grain. By the way, there is a rather interesting video about rice processing, worth a look. The benefits of such rice are much more palpable than white. Dark rice is an unprocessed crop that contains all the nutrients originally created by nature. And harmful too. Although the harm of this sort of cereal has not yet been established by anyone. Of course, almost everyone chooses a cute white variety. And today's our recipe will be from it. But here is a matter of taste. Undoubtedly, it is more beautiful, besides cooking dishes goes much faster.

Updated: 07.11.2018

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  1. Stas

    I will share my recipe to which I came myself (empirically in terms of proportions).
    1. Fig. Long grain, steam treated. Full faceted glass.
    2. 1 is a liter of milk diluted with 0,5 a liter of settling water.
    Wash rice with cold water 3-4 times and fall asleep in boiling liquid. Cook over medium heat until thick. Only then add a full tablespoon of sugar, a full teaspoon of salt and at least 2-x tablespoons of butter (50 grams). Thoroughly mix, close the lid, cover - with a towel.
    In half an hour - lick your fingers ... :)

    • Renata

      Thank you, Stas! Great recipe!

  2. volumes

    I do not agree with the chefs, although they are professionals in this business. The most delicious porridge is obtained from round rice. Ask any hostess, she will be of the same opinion. And long rice is good for pilaf.

  3. Valeria

    Good day. Porridge is really very tasty and nutritious. And if you add a little jam into it, then we will be even tastier, but this is for sweet tooth.

  4. Elena

    Thanks for the recipe. It turned out delicious. Cooking is easy. The children were satisfied.
    I prefer recipes in which to separately cook grits on water, and later pour hot milk and cook some more. I was looking for one.
    Thanks you. Successes!


    Cooked your recipe, thank you very much! Even the youngest eats, even though she does not like porridge)

  6. Irina

    Also cooked porridge with Stas recipe. It turned out very tasty. And the recipe is simple. I recommend to everyone.

  7. Dasha

    Cool porridge, and you can add jam to it?

  8. Ivan

    Great recipe, tried it, it worked out. Delicious and not at all difficult.

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