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Rice porridge - an indispensable dish for all occasions.This useful and tasty product cannot be called dietary, its caloric content is relatively high. However, rice is unique in its own way. And every recipe for dishes from it too. Rice groats - the leader among the groats in the content of essential amino acids. When cooking, they partially decompose, but it all depends on how to cook rice porridge. The best is cooking over medium heat before boiling water, and slow cooking after boiling. The benefits of this method are obvious. The harm of a strong and fast heating is that the substances decompose much faster than with similar thermal effects with slow heating.

What is the use of rice on water besides the content of essential amino acids (but this is already more than enough) and can it, at least theoretically, do any harm? This cereal contains very little fiber and a lot of complex carbohydrates, whose caloric content is relatively high. But in terms of nutritional rice porridge and, in general, dishes from this cereal will be very useful, whatever recipe you choose. The recipe of cooking depends on your taste and calorie daily diet. If you think that you consume a lot of calories - porridge on the water will be just right. Their benefits are obvious, and the harm is minimal. Again, it all depends on how to cook rice porridge and with what.

I have met many questions on the preparation of simple rice porridge. The most frequent were:

  • how much to cook rice porridge;
  • how to make the rice porridge not burned;
  • what should be the proportions;
  • what is the calorie content of the dish;
  • how to cook delicious rice porridge, while it was dietary;

Before cooking, let's figure out how many calories in rice porridge on the water. Calorie rice porridge is 78 kcal per 100 grams of product. Depending on what you cooked rice porridge and what additives you add to it, its caloric content may vary. If you want something completely different - cook rice porridge with stew in the USSR.

We need

Rice cereal 150 гр.
Butter 3 Art. spoons
Sugar, salt to taste


1. Take a half cup of rice cereal. This is about three small portions.

Washed rice

2. Rice cereal will suit any, the recipe is the same for all types of rice. But traditionally rice porridge is cooked from round grain rice. The benefits of long-grain and round-grain varieties are the same, besides long-grain rice cooks better and keeps the shape of grains. So here is a matter of taste. If you took steamed rice, you should soak it for half an hour in cold water.

Rice in a saucepan

Pour cold water into a 2 rump. Put the pot on medium heat. Cooking rice porridge will take approximately 20 25 minutes. Readiness check samples.

3. After 25 minutes, the rice absorbs all the water. Rice porridge is almost ready. Put the butter.

Butter Rice

4. Many people put salt and sugar at the beginning of cooking - into the water, which is filled with cereal. This is not entirely correct. Add to taste and salt, and sugar after the rice porridge is almost cooked. We do not remove the pot from the stove so that, by inertia, porridge cooks a little more and sugar and salt are better absorbed - our rice porridge will be much tastier. Usually rice porridge on water is complemented with some kind of spices or raisins.

Rice with sugar

The benefits of fruit are well known - these are natural sources of glucose, replacing not very healthy sugar, and any sweet porridge on the water will be much tastier if you add these ingredients. Their calorie content is low. So if you want - you can add to the dish raisins, dried apricots or even coriander (if you like such specific additives).

5. Put porridge in plates. To improve the taste, you can add a little more butter in each plate - you will not spoil the porridge with butter.

Video recipe

Rice starch is processed for quite a long time, so the feeling of saturation does not pass for quite a long time. The total caloric content of food, the average daily diet should be optimal. There are almost no vitamins C and A in rice, but many B vitamins are B1, B2, B3 and B6. The benefits of these vitamins are enormous. They strengthen the nervous system, stabilize the metabolism, and normalize the work of all body systems. Rice porridge can rightfully be considered a source of natural vitamins.. Rice cereals contain a lot of vitamin of youth - tocopherol (vitamin E). As already mentioned, in this culture there is a lot of protein (up to 10%), in terms of protein content, rice is ahead of any other cereals, no matter what cooking recipe you use. You can also try a completely different recipe for rice porridge on water.

Of rice macronutrients, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium are worth noting. Tasty rice porridge on the water contains as many minerals as it does with cereals, because this inorganic matter does not decompose either during cooking, or during frying, or with other processing methods. But the calorie content, depending on the degree of processing varies, - the more rice groats digest - the less calorie content. Although, I do not know of any recipe that would suggest digestion of cereals. But salt (sodium chloride) is quite small. Which is not bad. After all, we know the harm of salt, as well as sugar.

The benefits of this cereal are understandable, but the harm to rice, as has already been said, can theoretically consist in the fact that it contains a lot of carbohydrates. That is, the calorie content, whatever one may say, cannot be removed, even if you have the most dietary recipe. It is clear that this is not the harm that fast-absorbing sugars carry - for example, sucrose, whose caloric content is almost equal to starch. However, if you eat a lot of sweets, then you should either limit yourself to sugary foods or rice dishes. But this harm, of course, is rather conditional. And the calorie content, as we know, is a conditional thing.

Now you already know how to cook rice porridge quickly and tasty. I hope you enjoyed the recipe. Bon Appetit everyone!!!

Also want to tell you how to cook millet porridge on the water.

Updated: 24.05.2018

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  1. Dima

    Favorite porridge). I do not know why, when I cook it, it constantly burns at the bottom of the pan. Is it because I put salt at the very beginning of cooking?

    • Misha

      My porridge also burned, but Granny advised to cook in an aluminum pan. Now my paps do not burn.

  2. Zhuldyz

    Beloved porridge favorite. She has a gall bladder if she eats fried. So, she prepares herself always rice porridge says helps to lose weight to the same.

  3. Svetlana

    I have a slightly different recipe. I never liked the taste of mildew in rice. To get rid of him, I boil rice in several waters. Water boils, I drain it, wash the rice. Again pour water. For the fourth time I cook rice. It turns out crumbly and not sticky. A little salt. I add oil. Instead of sugar, I use honey.

  4. Olga

    Rice porridge never worked, did everything according to your recipe, kashka sodden came out!

  5. Dana

    I like rice porridge since school times, it is very useful and cooks quickly, now I prepare it for children, they also like it.

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