The recipe for rice porridge for the first meal

ready porridge on the table


Ingredients for two full servings:

¼ cup rice cereal
½ cup breast milk
¾ cup boiled water


1. Before the start cooking rice porridge for the first feeding of the baby should pay particular attention to the choice of rice cereal and its preparation. Best of all, round rice is suitable for the first feeding, as it makes porridge of a more viscous consistency. Not recommended for cooking. cereals for infants parboiled rice, as it boils worse, so it will be almost impossible to achieve the desired viscosity.

Measure out the right amount of rice, sort out if necessary and rinse under cold water. It is most convenient to wash the rice in a large capacity, while the water should be changed until it becomes transparent.

washed rice under water

2. Then the croup should be soaked in warm water for about 10 minutes.

soaked rice in water

3. Soak the grits through a sieve and rinse again with cold water. Such careful processing of cereals will get rid of all the dirt and excess starch, which can harm the stomach and intestines of the baby.

washed rice on sieve

4. Prepared grits pour water and put on fire. After boiling, set the minimum heat and cook the rice for 10 minutes.

cereal in a pan on the stove

5. Measure out the specified amount of breast milk, pour into the pot and boil for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally with a spoon. Instead of breast milk, you can use the usual dry milk formula, it is enough to dilute it to the specified volume. In no case can you cook porridge with cow's milk, since the baby’s body is still not able to assimilate it properly. This can lead to tummy problems.

adding milk to the pot

6. Cover the thickened rice porridge and let the rice brew for another 15 minutes.

covered porridge

7. Ready rice grind blender until smooth.

shredded rice blender

8. The resulting porridge can once again be rubbed through a fine sieve to eliminate the likelihood of unground grains of rice getting into the baby’s food.

porridge rubbed through a sieve

9. Dissolve the rubbed mass of boiled water to the desired consistency. Porridge for the first feeding should be a little thicker than milk.

porridge diluted with water

10. With the introduction of rice in the lure, the likelihood of allergies in infants is quite small, since the croup does not contain gluten, which causes undesirable reactions from the still immature digestive system. However, there are cases when babies are allergic to rice protein, therefore, it is recommended to begin feeding with one teaspoon. It is better to give porridge to the baby in the morning feeding. At these hours the peak of the child's activity is accounted for, so it is easier for him to assimilate unfamiliar food.

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Updated: 22.01.2019

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