The recipe for rice porridge for your child

prepared rice in a bowl on the table

Rice porridge is a source of healthy, full formation of an organism of the baby. The best and indispensable product for a child is mother's milk, with which the baby receives vitamins and beneficial substances. But starting with the 7 months, it is necessary to supplement the children's diet. Best of all, rice porridge will do.

There are many recipes for making rice porridge for infants (as in This recipe), but, best of all, prepare it according to a proven and simple recipe. For it is necessary to use high-quality and fresh products. Also try cooking porridge for babies.


rice 1 glass
Milk 100 ml
Water 250 ml
Sugar 3 tablespoons
Vanilla sugar at the tip of the knife
Butter 15 grams


1. Prepare the grits. Fig reassemble and get rid of damaged grains, garbage. Sift it with a small sieve.

rice in a glass

2. The next important step is washing the cereal. First rinse with hot water and then with warm water. Due to the contrast of temperatures, all gluten, starch and fat will be washed. Rinse until water is clear.

pot of water

3. Put the washed rice in a bowl. Fill with cold water for 20 minutes. Then drain the water, rinse with running water.

rice in a saucepan with added water

4. Pour prepared rice into a non-stick pan. Pour boiling water. Put on the stove. Rice must be brought to a boil and reduce heat. Cook until ready 25 minutes.

rice in a bowl of water

5. Check the gruel for readiness. Put a piece of butter and vanilla sugar. Stir well.

rice in a bowl with butter

6. Pour the milk into the pot and put it on the stove. Bring it to a boil and pour it into a saucepan with rice.

pan of milk

7. Using a fork or blender, grind the porridge to a homogeneous mass. Delicious, healthy, nourishing rice porridge for the baby is ready. You can feed your child and not worry about his health.

A child who begins to use cereals with 6 or 7 months is different from the others in good health and immunity. Also try cooking buckwheat porridge for baby.

Rice porridge helps strengthen the digestive, immune system of the infant. Thanks to the substances contained in rice, such a pod has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora and accelerates peristalsis. Milk porridge made from rice is an essential component of the nutrition of the infant and young child, because it is hypoallergenic. However, do not abuse it, it can lead to constipation in the baby.

It is recommended to include rice porridge in the baby’s diet from the age of seven months. It is during this period that the infant's body gains strength, and immunity is formed. From seven months to a year a foundation is laid for the health of the child. Therefore, carefully adjust the menu of your baby.

Useful tips for cooking pots for baby

  • It is better to use round rice, it is boiled soft and pounded easier.
  • Be sure to add butter to the finished dish, thanks to him the porridge gets a delicate taste and aroma.
  • During cooking, you can add fruit puree to porridge, so it will play with bright notes.
  • White sugar can be replaced by brown.
  • If you add more milk to the rice, you get a delicious milk soup.

Pediatricians recommendations for the introduction of complementary foods

  • Milk grub must be entered carefully. Teach your baby a new taste. At first, give no more than twice a week gruel. Children with 6 months to a year quickly learn new products.
  • You can add butter, vanilla, fruit puree to porridge. But be careful with products that can cause allergies. Do not add the following products to the finished gruel: honey, red fruits and berries, chocolate, olive and vegetable oil.
  • When you start to feed the baby porridge, do not need to wean him from the mother's milk.

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Useful Properties

All mothers know that porridge is the key to the healthy development of her baby. Therefore, it should be an integral part of the diet of the crumbs up to a year. Advantages of rice porridge:

  • This porridge is rich in vitamins, minerals and is hypoallergenic. Vitamins necessary for the full development of the baby: E, PP, B1, B2, B3, B6. It is rich in carbohydrates, starch and fiber. Minerals: potassium, iron, iodine, thiamine. Amino acids: lysine, lecithin, choline, arginine and histidine. It is low-calorie, 100 grams of product contains 98 calories.
  • Does not irritate the children's intestines, cleans it of harmful substances. It has a positive effect on the microflora and peristalsis. Improves appetite, speeds up the digestion of food. It protects the stomach from various food irritants.
  • Fills a children's organism with energy, force and health. Makes the kid moving and cheerful.
  • It is an integral part of a full and balanced diet.

Harmful properties

In order not to damage the health of the crumbs, it is necessary to follow some recommendations of pediatricians:

  1. Rice porridge must be introduced into the diet not earlier than seven months.
  2. Abuse can lead to problems with digestion, namely constipation.

No less tasty is obtained buckwheat porridge in a slow cooker according to our recipe.

Updated: 28.03.2018

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  1. Alexey

    My only such and preparing son! Protein in rice is enough, the very thing for a growing body.

  2. Tatyana

    And I cook the same porridge for an adult son. He is my ulcer. In the period of exacerbation, it is precisely such porridge that we eat. So what to do?

  3. Oleg

    Rice - my favorite of cereals. Prepare quickly more butter, milk and sugar. Very satisfying for breakfast.

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