How to cook millet porridge in a slow cooker

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Millet porridge is not only healthy and nutritious, but also very tasty. In the literature, it can be found under the name "gold groats". Millet is made from millet seeds, which are not only yellow, but also gray, white, red. But the most delicious and crumbly porridge is obtained from yellow cereals..

Millet groats have such useful properties:

  • Contains mineral salts and vitamins that positively affect the functioning of the liver and the digestive system. It is indispensable in the diet of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, because it contains a lot of potassium salts;
  • It has the property of binding heavy metal ions, removing slags and toxins from the human body;
  • It has caloric content - 342 Kcal, which makes it possible to use it as an energy auxiliary product in various dietary nutrition systems.

It is possible to cook millet porridge both in the traditional way, and with the help of modern kitchen appliances - the multicooker. Millet porridge in a slow cooker is prepared in the same way as porridge from any other cereal. This cereal is boiled in water and milk, it can be sweet and salty, as well as served as a side dish to vegetable, meat dishes.

It is convenient to cook the millet porridge in the slow cooker because there is no need to keep track of it - it will not burn and will not run away. It is possible to delay the preparation stage and, after returning from work or a walk, eat ready-made freshly baked porridge. The function of the delayed start is very convenient to use for making breakfast. Millet porridge on the water in the crock-pot turns out to be tender, crumbly. She is happy to eat, not only children, but also adults. If you do not have a multicooker, here is a recipe for you millet porridge on water.

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Your attention is invited to the classic recipe for millet porridge in a multicooker on the water. Optionally, you can change the amount of water, thus changing the consistency of the future dish (viscous, liquid, crumbly). To cook millet porridge in a slow cooker, you will need the following ingredients:


Wheat Groats 1 multi glass
Water 2 Multi Glass
Butter 30 gr
Sugar and salt to taste


1. First you need to thoroughly wash the millet, as it contains grains of millet flour, which gives bitterness to the prepared dish. Wash it in warm water until it becomes transparent, then pour over boiling water. In addition, bitterness can appear if you use cereals with an expired shelf life, so pay attention to this item.

We wash the millet groats

The quality of the water used in the slow cooker also affects the taste of cooked porridge. It is best to cook in filtered or boiled water. The mineral salts that raw water contains can make the porridge hard.

Washed millet in a slow cooker

2. Pure millet is poured into the bowl of the multicooker, poured with water. Add salt to taste, sugar. Oil can be put both at the end of cooking and at the beginning.

Fill millet with water

3. In the Redmond multicooker, select the “Cooking” mode, among the types of products - “Porridge”, press the big button - “Time setting”. The signal flashing indicator on it will show the 40 minutes time.

Set the mode in the multicooker
The sequence of inclusion may vary depending on the models and manufacturers of multicookers. You can cook in the “Pilaf”, “Buckwheat”, “Milk porridge” modes, and the cooking time of the selected recipe can vary from 30 minutes to 1 hours. In 40 minutes, the classic millet porridge in a multivark Redmond will be ready. This technique will notify the sonorous beep.

Leave the gruel infused under the lid for twenty minutes After a specified time, arrange the porridge in plates and serve to the table.

As you can see, millet porridge in a slow cooker is prepared very easily. If desired, you can add fresh fruit, jam, honey, nuts, raisins and other dried fruits to the sweet porridge. Not bad it is combined with dairy products (milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, condensed milk). If preference is given to savory dishes, then wheat can be eaten with meat, fish, mushrooms, cracklings and vegetables. You can also try something unusual and cook millet porridge with mushrooms.

Learn also, how to cook peas in a slow cooker.

Updated: 18.04.2018

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  1. Nicholas

    good ricept

  2. Eugene

    Your 2 glasses of water boiled away already after 10 minutes, almost burnt. Water needs more!

    • vashakasha

      Most likely you put the multicooker is not in the automatic mode "porridge". Because of this, because of the high power, the water boiled away very quickly.

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