Cooking millet porridge with pumpkin in pots (recipe for the oven)

Cooked porridge from the oven

Millet porridge with pumpkin and milk is a favorite dish of more than one generation.

Pumpkin and millet are extremely useful products. Pumpkin in combination with millet is a huge stock of various vitamins, microelements and useful nutrients. In addition, this dish has a low calorie content. It is perfect for proper, diet and diet of those who follow the figure. Moreover, these products do not cause allergies. They can be used by adults and children from a very early age.

Classic millet porridge with pumpkin is prepared in the traditional way - on fire. Also very tasty is the millet porridge in pots. Porridge cooked in potted in the oven, it turns out tender, light, aromatic. Millet becomes more razvarartoy and impregnated with the honey-nutmeg smell of pumpkin. In addition, the recipe for this dish is easy and fast. According to this recipe, cooking pumpkin-millet porridge is a pleasure.

You can not follow strict proportions when adding pumpkin. If more like milk porridge, put less of this vegetable. You can experiment with taste. Pumpkin has a natural sweetish taste, it can be enhanced by adding more sugar or honey, or make the dish more salty. It all depends on your preferences.


Pumpkin 200-300 gr
Milk 900 ml
Millet 300 gr
Butter 30 gr
Sugar 2 tbsp.
Salt and vanilla 0,5 tsp


1. The preparation of this dish begins with the preliminary preparation of products. Pumpkin cleaned of seeds and peel. Washed under running water and cut into small cubes or small random pieces.

Sliced ​​Pumpkin

2. Millet sorted out. Remove the crude grains and small debris, then washed in cold water and doused with boiling water. Such a measure will help get rid of the bitterness that is inherent in millet groats.

Washed millet

3. Drain all the excess liquid from the cereal, begin to fill the pots. Carefully place the cleaned pumpkin, millet, add sugar, salt. Butter can be put at the beginning or at the end of cooking.

Pumpkin with oil in a pot

For those who follow the calorie, you can not add sugar, pumpkin gives a bit of sweetness to the finished dish, especially if you take muscat varieties. If desired, you can add dried fruits, namely raisins, dried apricots, candied fruits. But they must also be thoroughly washed. If you add prunes, then there will be a sour taste.

4. Next, fill the pots with milk. A delicious dish will turn out if you use homemade milk or a product with a high percentage of fat. In this case, the calorie content of the finished porridge will slightly increase. It is not necessary to fill the pots to the top, since in the oven millet porridge with pumpkin will boil, and milk will pour out over the edges of the form, burn and give an unpleasant smell. According to this recipe, one third of the pots should remain empty.

The last stage of cooking porridge

5. Be sure to cover with lids, send to oven. If there are no lids, then you can cover the pots of porridge with foil. Cooking pumpkin porridge in the oven should be at a temperature of 150 – 180 degrees. Should be remembered clay and ceramic pots last longer if they are not placed in a preheated oven, but in a cold one. And only then it is necessary to gradually increase the heating temperature.

6. After 30-45 minutes (depending on the selected temperature) tasty pumpkin porridge will be ready. For 5 minutes before the end of the cooking time, the lid can be opened so that the porridge is covered with a delicious golden crust.

Video recipe

Fragrant and healthy pumpkin porridge is ready to eat. It is very tasty in hot and cold, at any time of the day - for breakfast, lunch and a light dinner. Try to cook also pumpkin and meat porridge. If the family has a sweet tooth, then in addition to the dish you can add a bit of honey, jam, jam, jam. You can use it with fermented milk products - kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt.

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Updated: 29.03.2018

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  1. Josephgari

    I did it all! Thanks for this recipe. Although the grandmother said that she was not doing that, it turned out delicious.

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    Delicious! Thank !

  3. marina

    Thanks for the recipe, I suffered so much - I didn’t know what to do with the pumpkin.

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