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To prepare a hearty, wholesome dish, it is not necessary to be in the kitchen for several hours. Many believe that meat is the most nutritious, but this view is not true. The optimal variant of the dish, which for a long time satisfies hunger, provides the body with a reserve of strength, vigor and energy, is porridge. To this dish was juicy and rich, it can be enriched with meat, vegetables and herbs. Many used to make pilaf, buckwheat porridge with meat in a merchant, however, few who cook millet. It is important to note that millet porridge cooked with meat is not only healthy, but also very tasty, rich and satisfying.

Features of preparation

Millet porridge with meat is not an ordinary combination, as few who prefer this particular cereal. It is important to understand that all cereals must be present in the human diet. As for millet, it is possible to make a very fast, balanced and tasty dish from it. Millet with fragrant and juicy meat is a great idea for lunch, dinner.

In addition to excellent taste, millet porridge is quite useful for human health. It consists of 15 percent of proteins, about 70 percent of starch, and also a huge amount of valuable and essential amino acids. Groats contain many vitamins PP, B2, B1, healthy fats and fiber, important for digestion. It is worth noting that in millet there is phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium in large quantities. This croup is a record holder in the content of magnesium and molybdenum.

Meat with millet porridge is a great combination of products, as the dish is not only tasty and juicy, but also extremely nutritious, satisfying, wholesome. If you are engaged in physical, mental activity, then the proposed recipe with a photo must be in your piggy bank. This is due to the fact that cereals contain carbohydrates, which are absorbed rather slowly, and this ensures a uniform and correct expenditure of strength and energy. That is why it is better to eat millet in the morning or for lunch in order to have enough strength for the whole day. The main advantage of millet porridge is that it is impossible to gain extra kilos from it!


To prepare porridge with meat, prepare the following ingredients:

Millet 1 glass
Onions 1 big head
Meat (pork or beef) about 800 gram
Water 400 milliliters
Paprika the sweet 1 teaspoon
Sunflower or olive oil 2-3 tablespoons
Spices, salt and ground black pepper to your own taste

meat millet onion seasoning
The total cooking time for such a dish is about 45 minutes. From the proposed amount of products, four complete servings are obtained, which can be served for lunch or dinner.


1. Prepare products according to the recipe. Rinse the grits thoroughly with warm running water using a fine sieve. After this, it is advisable to pour millet with boiling water, this will get rid of the bitterness that is inherent in such cereals.

millet cereal steamed

2. Green wash. Onions clean and prepare for further use.

greens and onions on the board

3. Using a sharp knife, cut the onion into small cubes, half rings. Chop greens. It is better to take parsley, it has an aroma suitable for this dish. Greenery will need to decorate the finished dish. Parsley plays not only a decorative role, thanks to its participation the dish is saturated with vitamin C.

chopped onion with greens

4. In a frying pan, pour in vegetable oil, warm thoroughly. Then fry onion on it until golden brown, not forgetting to stir occasionally.

onion in oil in a pan

5. Take the second pan, warm it. Pour in the oil and stew the meat, previously washed, cut into equal pieces.

sliced ​​meat in a pan

6. After a few minutes, you can add salt, black pepper, paprika and any seasoning that you like. Stir with a wooden spatula.

seasoned meat in a pan

7. Огонь убавить до среднего уровня, тушить мясо в течение пятнадцати минут. После этого влить один стакан крутого кипятка, насыпать зелень и лук. На этом этапе можно прикрыть сковороду крышкой, потушить мясо на самом минимальном огне до полной готовности.

meat greens in a pan

8. Millet grits need to be added to the stew and pour in more water, then cover with lid and stir until cooked. The fire should be minimal.

millet with meat in a pan

9. Serve the finished dish in portions, sprinkle with chopped parsley. The dish goes well with pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as fresh vegetable salad. The cooking process is extremely simple, quick, and the recipe is affordable.

finished millet porridge on a plate

Video recipe

Useful properties of millet

Everyone knows that each cereal is good for human health. Considering the fact that there is a large amount of starch in millet porridge, it is worth eating in the morning! The chemical composition contains a huge amount of substances that promote fast and efficient metabolism. Millet perfectly cleans the gastrointestinal tract from toxins, mucus, toxic substances. That is why this dish should be in the diet of those people who want to lose weight. The only condition is that it must be boiled without oil, salt and only on water.

It is important to note that the millet has a silicon shell that is not digested in the human body, so it is removed. A huge plus cereal is that it has a lot of protein. Millet leads on this indicator, ahead of rice and buckwheat.

It is easy to prepare a healthy, nutritious and balanced dish, it is enough to do everything according to the recipe, observing the technology. Millet with meat is a tasty and very bright dish that many will like.

Updated: 29.09.2018

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