How to cook millet porridge with dried apricots

ready millet porridge with dried apricots

On the basis of millet cereals, various dishes are prepared that are distinguished by their nutritional value and excellent taste. Especially among them are porridges with milk, pumpkin, cottage cheese, raisins and dried apricots. Before cooking according to the described recipe, it is necessary to sort out the grits and clean it from litter and industrial waste, be sure to wash it several times with cold water. After that, the rump should be rinsed with boiling water to remove the characteristic bitterness. When cooking, observe the correct ratio of cereals and liquids. Boil it must first in water, then in milk. Thus, the specific taste of millet can be avoided.

Also an interesting breakfast option is millet porridge with raisins. The principle of cooking this dish is almost the same as described below.


Millet 1 glass
Dried 50 gr
Honey 50 gr
Butter 30 gr
Salt pinch

ingredients for porridge


1. First of all, it is necessary to pour boiled water over the dried apricots and leave for one hour.

dried apricots in a bowl

2. It is best to pour the grits into a colander and rinse with cold water several times.

grits on the sieve

3. Before cooking, grind cereal with boiling water.

grits on pan

4. Pour the cereal into the pan, pour the 2,5 with a glass of water and wait for it to boil. As soon as this happens, make the fire a minimum, cover the pan with a lid and leave to cook.

porridge with butter in a saucepan

5. Boil millet, according to the recipe, you need about 15 minutes. After that, add honey and a piece of butter, mix well and, covered with a lid and wrapped in a towel, put the pan on the 20 minutes to the side.

dried apricots on the board

6. We take dried apricots out of the water, lightly soak them and cut into small pieces. Mix dried apricots with porridge - it turns out a great dish! Millet porridge with dried apricots is ready.

porridge with dried apricots

Video recipe

The most ancient culture known to mankind is millet. With proper culinary processing based on it, you can get a truly lush and crumbly porridge. Millet groats have a peculiarity - it is not adapted for long-term storage due to excess fat content and its rapid oxidation.

Millet is useful for people suffering from heart disease. 100 gram of finished product contains 211 mg of potassium, which is especially needed for such violations. It is believed that this grass can strengthen the body and give strength to the whole body. The use of millet porridge helps to remove excess fat from the body. For this porridge has received its rightful place in the lists of dietary dishes. You can also cook oatmeal porridge according to our recipe.

Millet is capable of intoxication of all body systems. It must be included in the diet of people suffering from atherosclerosis, diabetes, liver disease and inflammation of the pancreas.

There are several general contraindications: use caution or refuse cereal during pregnancy, idiosyncrasy, and low acidity of the stomach. Among the main cereals used, wheat is the most hypoallergenic. Its biggest advantage is easy digestibility and the ability to eliminate toxins, toxins and antibiotics, in addition to the general strengthening effect on the person and his body.

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Updated: 12.02.2019

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