The recipe for millet porridge with mushrooms

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One of the budget options among cereals is millet. The cost of one pack of millet is significantly lower than buckwheat groatshowever, the number of recipes according to which tasty, hearty dishes can be prepared on the basis of this product is no less. One of these dishes is millet porridge with mushrooms (most often, champignons). The process of cooking is quick and simple, so it is quite common and popular. Champignons, cooked with millet, are very juicy, fragrant.

The dish can be prepared very quickly, so it is in demand among working mothers. Millet porridge is very useful for the body. People who adhere to a healthy diet often cook this dish, providing themselves with the necessary amount of complex carbohydrates to be energetic throughout the day, as well as vitamins and minerals to maintain their health and immunity. The special charm in this recipe is given by the juice of champignons, which is absorbed into the porridge and provides it with an amazing aroma. At the same time mushrooms get sweetish taste. Another variation of porridge with mushrooms - buckwheat with mushrooms and onions.


Fresh champignons 300 grams
Wheat Groats 0,5 glasses
Water 2 glasses
Bow 1 large head
Vegetable oil, salt, pepper, spices to taste

food ingredients

The process of cooking porridge for this recipe should begin with washing the cereal and pouring it with a glass of water. After that, soaked cereal should be set aside, to do the rest of the ingredients. Millet will be filled with water, swell a little and will be more pliable in the process of cooking.


1. We clean the onion, finely chop, send to roast in the pan with hot vegetable oil. The fire is left small, allowing the onions to browse longer.

onions in a pan

2. Mushrooms must first be cleaned, removing from the legs of the skirt, and from the caps - the film. Then thoroughly wash the mushrooms, cut into small pieces. As the onion is cooked, add mushrooms to the pan, cover with the lid to preserve the mushroom juice and flavor and leave to stew.

mushrooms in a pan

3. Mushrooms should be almost completely prepared, that is, they should soften outwardly, darken and significantly decrease in size. As soon as champignons reach such a state, it is necessary to add millet groats and water in which it was soaked. If necessary, you can transfer all the ingredients to a more convenient saucepan.

mushrooms in water

4. As you cook, add spices (salt, pepper, and others). If all the liquid has evaporated, you can pour another glass of water. Periodically stir porridge, so that it does not burn to the bottom of the pan.

mushrooms with millet

5. Cover the porridge, put the whole mixture out on low heat for 10 minutes. Then turn off the heat, leave the dish a little brew (the wheat becomes more juicy and tasty, if you let it stand for about half an hour).

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Such a mushroom dish, like millet porridge with champignons, will bring variety to your family dinners.

Updated: 18.09.2018

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