The recipe for Lenten millet porridge with pumpkin

ready-made porridge with pumpkin in a bowl

Pumpkin is considered to be the champion in the presence of a large number of trace elements in it, which are useful for humans. These are vitamins of various groups, and calcium, and carnitine. Another advantage of this product is its low calorie content. Pumpkin is included in most diets for losing weight and provides plenty of energy for the whole day.

To preserve a maximum of useful properties in this vegetable, it is necessary to carry out heat treatment correctly. This will require a proven recipe. An excellent choice would be a recipe for a pap with a pumpkin based on millet. It is also important to choose quality ingredients for cooking. lean millet pumpkin porridge on the water. Or you can cook millet porridge with pumpkin on the water according to another recipe.


Millet 1 glass
Water 2,5 glasses
Pumpkin 400 grams
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 1,5 tbsp.
Butter 30 grams


1. Millet must be well washed with water (preferably hot) - this will remove the characteristic bitterness. Turn on the oven in advance so that it warms up.

cereal in a bowl of water
2. The required amount of pumpkin should be peeled and seeds cut, cut into small cubes, put into a blender and grind to a state of mashed potatoes.

pumpkin slices
3. Use suitable for the oven dishes: put together pumpkin puree, millet, salt, add sugar and cover with water. Put prepared dishes with ingredients in the oven for 1 an hour at 180 degrees.

pumpkin with grits in the pan
4. As soon as an hour has passed, pull the dish out of the oven and arrange it into portions so that you can serve it. To make the dish rich and fragrant, put a piece of butter on top of the porridge.

ready-made porridge with pumpkin in a pot

You can also cook not lean millet porridge with milk and pumpkin.

Video recipe

Cooks in many countries add pumpkin to porridge. The result is a perfectly balanced breakfast dish. Most often, use semolina, millet, rice, corn or oatmeal. Also, the recipes include various flavorings - honey, nuts, dried fruits, jams, berries and other components.

Pumpkin Porridge — это не просто полезное, сбалансированное блюдо, но и очень вкусное и сытное. Если приготовить его согласно оригинальному рецепту, то каша подается прямо в тыкве. Но, чаще всего, тыкву либо нарезают крупными кусочками, либо готовят в виде пюре и смешивают с кашами, чтобы подать в глубоких тарелках каждому индивидуально.

One of the variants of the combination of pumpkin with cereal is a recipe with millet. Millet is an excellent grits, which is obtained by processing such famous cereal as millet. Usually, the cereal is not ground to the state of flour, but is used exclusively in its original state. The first mention of the use of wheat in food refers to the third millennium BC in the Chinese. It contains a sufficient amount of beneficial to the human body substances, and if properly prepared, the millet will be tasty, very nutritious and most nourishing.

Preparation of millet porridge using pumpkins for this recipe is great for people who are fasting or dieting. Lean millet porridge will help diversify your diet without breaking the basics of the diet.

If you want something more original, prepare for your loved ones pumpkin honey according to our recipe.

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    For those who strictly follow the post, you need to remove the butter from the recipe.

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