Recipe for millet porridge on water

Ready millet porridge

Diets and meals for losing weight - The trend of the modern power model. But fashion is fashion, and there are such dishes, the recipes of which have not changed for centuries. They are not only tasty and nutritious, but also fully fit the category of dietary dishes. Today we will prepare such a dish as millet porridge on water. It is crumbly, wholesome, tasty and nutritious porridge. It is eaten to get rid of extra pounds, as well as enrich your body with nutrients. So, cook millet on the water. Cooking this dish is very simple..

We need:

Millet 1 glass
Butter 2 Art. spoons
Salt to taste
Water 2 glasses


1. The specified number of ingredients is designed for two small portions. Pshenka, as you know, is different. Best of all, use yellow. We take a glass of wheat, rinse well under running water to get rid of debris and dust. Rinse the cereal until the water is clear.

Millet groats and water

2. It is believed that wheat has a slight bitterness. To remove the unpleasant taste, just rinse it in hot water or leave in boiling water for a few minutes. Fill millet, after five minutes, drain the water.

Washed millet

3. Washed cereal and soaked in boiling water is placed in salted boiling water. Water take 2 glass, you can a little more. Porridge is cooked 10-12 minutes. So that it does not burn to the bottom of the pan, periodically stir it.

Boiled millet

4. Porridge is ready! Put it on the plates. If desired, add a small amount of butter. So the dish will acquire a rich aroma and a pleasant delicate taste.

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Gold nibs. That is the name for the cereal from millet in the old days. And indeed, this light yellow croup is unusually useful. Wheat is rich in vitamins of group B - B1, B2, B5, B6, vitamin PP. It contains a lot of iron, fluorine, magnesium, and manganese. The vitamins of group B are very necessary for our body. They eliminate fatigue, depression and irritability (B1), make hair fluffy and healthy, remove acne on the skin (B2), normalize metabolism (B6), stabilize pressure and activate bone growth and vertebrae (B5).

Use porridge

Trace elements also have a beneficial effect. Fluoride gives strength and health to teeth, iron normalizes the work of blood-forming organs and provides healthy skin color of the face, magnesium gives strength and energy, manganese along with other macro- and microelements normalizes metabolism. Very helpful millet grits cooked like on water, and milk, residents of cities, where the ecology is violated. Substances that are abundantly contained in millet groats, help us maintain the state of the body, fills it with useful substances. They bind heavy metal ions and remove them from the body along with slags. Millet porridge must be present in the diet. Since ancient times, gold grains have been eaten in order to gain strength and energy.

It may seem to many that wheat porridge on water (as in This recipe) is too lean. This is not true. It all depends on how to cook it, and on the quality of the cereal itself. Crumbly, tasty porridge is obtained from yellow millet. When cooking, you can use various components. Adding natural honey, jam, butter, fruit, cream and other ingredients to porridge can make it very nutritious and incredibly tasty.

See also how to cook millet porridge in a slow cooker.

Updated: 25.09.2018

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  1. From the mountain

    Water should NOT merge with any porridge. Properly cooked porridge absorbs all the water and no trace element is drained into the sewer system, as you do. Take less water if you have it!

  2. Niky

    after boiling when boiling — in new water — add 2 tablespoons of butter and with butter, it is varietz — recipe —Shef cook with Nayayat.

  3. July

    Very good and easy recipe. I also always cook it, but I add either butter or gravy, for example, from chops. Porridge is really very useful. My child in the kindergarten loved this mess and asks to cook only this. And with pumpkin and rice in general yummy it turns out! Well, those who do not like cereals and cereals have nothing to write here.

  4. Alexander

    The most useful for the body porridge cooked only in water. And not a drop of fat! And to taste, add fruit or vegetables.

  5. Yura

    The author has a problem with water

  6. Yami

    2 points for the recipe.
    Firstly, if we take up writing a recipe, it is a good idea to make friends with such units of weight as a gram, at least. And all these “glass, half a glass, half a tablespoon with a slide” - there is little to which the writer requires writing.
    The second and most important thing: if you already write a recipe for cereals and water, then you don’t have to write deliberate nonsense like “tasty porridge”, because no one will ever get tasty food from virtually anything. Write honestly: “How to cook some rubbish from water and millet (for example) so that it can be crammed into something somehow” and then fantasize.

    Ps pshenka - even on fatty milk, even with pumpkin and seasoned with pre-melted and with skimmed butter - a dish, in general, so-so. And it is absolutely not "satisfying", which is typical. Fooling around with cooking will be minutes 40, and after half an hour you will want to eat again ... And what the hell are you saying here about milk on the water, that time ?!

  7. Sasha

    Thank you!

  8. Nikon

    Any porridge is tasty if there is love

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