Cooking millet porridge with milk

Ready porridge

The recipe for porridge from wheat was known even in biblical times.

Millet porridge was very popular in Russia and formed the basis of the peasant diet. In modern times, wheat is rightfully belongs to the "title" of a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. So, in the millet porridge there is fiber, fluorine, iron, magnesium, amino acids, vitamins PP, B5, A, B2, B1 and others.

It is believed that the millet porridge with milk is the most tasty and healthy for health - this is what we will cook today.


Wheat Groats 1 \ 2 Art.
Milk 2 Art.
Butter November 50, XNUMX
Sugar 2 Art. spoons
Salt 1 \ 2 Art. spoons
Water 3 Art.

It is worth noting that the proportions of milk can vary depending on what kind of texture you prefer porridge. To get a crumbly millet, it is enough to use a glass of milk 1,5. Increasing its amount to three glasses, you get liquid millet porridge.


So, we bring to your attention a recipe, following which you can quickly cook millet porridge with milk.

1. Before cooking, it is necessary to sort out the cereal, in order to exclude from it all kinds of extraneous inclusions, if necessary. Groats should be clean, as in the photo. The easiest way is to empty it on a clean table and, after carefully examining, remove all unnecessary.

Preparing cereals

After that, we need a deep plate: pour cereal into it and pour cold running water, which should close the millet completely. To the surface surfaced fine debris, spend a spoon or hand on the bottom of the plate. Drain and repeat the procedure again until it becomes transparent. As soon as it ceases to be muddy, pour out water and pour boiling water over the grits.

Cooking porridge

2. Put a saucepan on the stove in which we cook porridge, add milk (2 cup) and already cleaned cereal (it is necessary to drain the hot water from the plate with the cereal). The temperature is average. Do not forget to add sugar as well as salt! It is possible to slightly lower the temperature of the cooker and continuously stir the contents of the pan with a spoon so that the porridge does not burn below. We bring it to a boil, continue to cook for 2-3 minutes and turn off the burner.

End cooking porridge

3. Add butter to porridge (50 g - as stated in the recipe) and close the pan with the lid. It is necessary to give the porridge 15-20 minutes so that it can reach the bottom by steam. We wait for the necessary time and alter it with oil. Taste the cooked dish and, if necessary, add more salt or sugar.

Feed to the table

4. Milk porridge is ready - now it can be decomposed into plates. This is a great breakfast or dinner option in and of itself, but you can make it taste more pleasant, and the recipe interesting by adding dried fruits or your favorite jam to porridge. For children, wheat grass with apples or bananas is especially useful.
So, before you - tasty and nourishing milk porridge, the huge benefits of which are not subject to doubt.

Now you know how to cook millet porridge. I am sure that you and all your relatives will like her. Cook it with love and enjoy your meal!

Video recipe

While convenience foods, quick snacks and fast food are harmful to human health, millet porridge on milk has a beneficial effect on the body: it removes from it not only slags and toxins, but even heavy metals. To normalize the digestive system, strengthen the tissues of the whole body and restore energy reserves, it is enough to boil and consume millet regularly..

Include it in your diet is especially recommended for those who have diseases of the cardiovascular group, milk millet porridge will reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Obviously, millet porridge is not just a tasty dish, the recipe of which is extremely simple. Benefits for the body - one of its most important advantages.

The recipe for millet porridge on milk exists in several versions. But not many mistresses know at least one of them. Often they are asked many questions about cooking it, for example:

  1. Is it possible to cook millet porridge on milk in a slow cooker?
  2. How to cook millet porridge on milk?
  3. How to cook it so that it is not bitter?
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  6. How to cook this milk porridge with dried fruit and honey?

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Updated: 25.08.2018

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  1. Masha

    I have a slow cooker with a delayed start timer, just Polaris, as in the video. And millet porridge is one of my favorites for breakfast. I fell asleep in the evening, turned on the timer, woke up - and she was ready. And we like to cook with baked milk. It turns out very special taste, as from childhood.

  2. Marina

    Mmm) I love millet porridge. And since I have stomach problems, so in general I eat only porridges) I don’t understand people who don’t like cereals .. I would eat them and eat constantly)
    Today I just bought millet groats, I will cook))

  3. Natalia

    I used to cook millet porridge, but ordinary, not with milk. So it was for myself. Cooked for this recipe, cuddling. The whole family eats.

  4. Sava

    Very accessible article to understand. And I think, why since childhood I like millet porridge? She turns out to be very helpful.

  5. Marina

    My daughter loves this mess, especially if I add sweet pumpkin slices to it. He asks me to cook it at least once a week.

  6. Olga

    I used to cook millet porridge according to a similar recipe, now, with the advent of the slow cooker, we cook only in it. It turns out a masterpiece! No need to stand over the pan, threw food and wait. On a delayed start, it turns out no worse. Eating millet porridge is very useful, especially for children. Yes, besides, very tasty)

  7. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

    The ingredients are milk and water. Washed cereal (boiling water for how long) and cook in milk, and where is 3 a glass of water ????

  8. Ksenia

    Porridge turned out Otpad! Thank!

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