Millet porridge

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Millet porridge - one of the popular and useful cereal. Millet groats are obtained from grains of millet, an annual plant belonging to the family of cereals. Often it is also called the "golden" cereal. The quality of wheat depends on the initial degree of grain cleaning and its subsequent processing. There are such types:

  • Grinding millet (has a light yellow color, without a characteristic luster);
  • Dranets (brilliant brilliant bright yellow color, from the grains of which the upper, chaff shell has been removed; its use and calorie content are higher than in other species);
  • Crushed pshenka (consisting of detailed nucleoli and flakes, flattened and cleaned in a special way).

Actual for this cereal is the shelf life, so do not buy a lot, "in reserve". With its long-term storage appears bitterness in taste, an unpleasant smell. Eating such porridge can be harmful, especially for kids. There should be no impurities, dirt and other industrial waste in the croup. Millet should be stored in a hermetically sealed container with no access to light and, if possible, in a cool place.

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