Recipe for making wheat porridge in a slow cooker

porridge with milk and a spoon

Porridge cooked from wheat cereal is very nourishing, tasty, healthy and nutritious. If you cook such a dish in a slow cooker, then you will ease the process and feel how tender the papa is with such heat treatment. There is a huge number of recipes for making porridge for different brands of multicooker (Polaris, Philips, Redmond, Scarlet and others). The most popular and common are Redmond and Polaris.
The way of making wheat porridge in Redmond and Polaris multicookers is considered “lazy”. It turns out just fast, easy, satisfying and very tasty! First you need to decide on the amount of cereal for the recipe. You must adhere to the correct proportion. In order for a slow cooker to turn out a crumbly porridge, it is necessary to take 2 portions of water on the 1 portion of the cereal. Very tasty in the slow cooker is obtained milk oatmeal, millet porridge on the water и semolina, we advise you to cook these recipes.

Multicookers Polaris and Redmond are among the best, given the modes of operation, function and appearance. For the preparation of this dish will be used miracle assistant Redmond. You will need the following ingredients:


Water two glasses (400 ml)
Wheat groats one cup (200 grams)
Fine salt ½ tsp
Butter 30 grams
Milk for refueling 200 ml


Phased preparation of dishes with detailed photos that will become indispensable helpers in the process of creating a healthy delicacy:

1) Measure out the required amount of wheat cereal in a jar, pour water into it. Stir. The croup will settle to the very bottom, and motes, pebbles and other garbage will float upwards.

cereal with water in a glass

2) After the above steps, drain the water. A similar procedure should be repeated until the water becomes crystal clear and transparent.

water is poured into a glass

3) Prepare the multicooker. Open the lid and put the washed cereal on the bottom of the bowl. Put a piece of butter and a pinch of fine salt according to the suggested recipe.

cereal fall asleep in the bowl

4) Pour in hot water. Close the lid. Now you need to choose the right mode for cooking. Best of all, the following functions are suitable: “porridge”, “rice” or “buckwheat”. Cooking time is about thirty minutes. On the completion of the culinary process, you can find out by the sound signal.

adding water to a bowl of cereal

5) Spread the finished gruel in portions. Pour a small amount of milk or cream into the cooked dish. It turns out so tasty that it is impossible to put it down. Cook with pleasure, follow the recommendations, follow the sequence of actions, and you will succeed.

Video recipe

Useful Properties

Such a delicacy is not only tasty, but also very useful for the body.

  1. A valuable storehouse with vitamins: A, C, B6, B12, PP, E. They help stimulate the nervous system, improve eyesight and memory, make the skin smooth and elastic.
  2. Is a dietary dish. The caloric value of one hundred grams of the product is about two hundred kcal. Will help you get rid of obesity and extra pounds, as well as oatmeal according to our recipe.
  3. Fills the body with health, vigor, strength and energy.
  4. Cleans the body from toxins, toxins and harmful substances, thus, improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It normalizes the state of microflora.

Harmful properties

Despite all the benefits of wheat dishes, there are some limitations to their use:

  1. Allergic reactions, individual intolerance to the product.
  2. Abuse of the product can lead to constipation.
  3. Period of pregnancy.

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Updated: 08.11.2018

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