The recipe for wheat porridge in a slow cooker - fast and tasty

cooked porridge in a bowl

Wheat porridge is a healthy and nutritious dish of Slavic cuisine. In its composition, it is rich in vitamins B, A, E, amino acids, fiber, vegetable fats, carbohydrates. A large amount of protein, which is contained in it, is a significant source of energy, so necessary for the body in the morning. In addition, this croup boasts a huge variety of minerals - calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus.

Wheat porridge is very light and low-calorie, which makes it a valuable product in dietary and children's nutrition systems. Regular consumption helps to organize the work of the digestive tract. Croup contains a large amount of fiber, which removes toxins, slags and heavy metals from the human body. Also, water can be replaced by milk and cook wheat cereal with milk in a slow cooker.

There are many different recipes and methods for cooking wheat porridge. This porridge can be prepared in the traditional way (cooking on gas and electric stoves), but at the slightest oversight, it tends to burn or "run away", as it foams strongly during cooking. Use the same multicookers - pressure cooker helps to avoid all these unpleasant problems, making the cooking process more comfortable.

Yes, and wheat porridge in a slow cooker turns out to be tastier, shatterier, more tender. In addition, there is the possibility of additional heating, and the ability to cook hot, fresh porridge for the time you need (delay function).

Your attention is invited to a recipe for cooking wheat porridge in a slow cooker.


Wheat groats 1 multi glass
Water 4 Multi Glass
Butter 30g.
Salt to taste

Complete with each multicooker (Redmond, Polaris, Panasonic and others) there is a multicooker capacity. It is smaller than a regular glass, in size and volume - 180 ml. If you mix up the containers, you can spoil the steam valve in the slow cooker, so be careful.


1. Wheat groats are thoroughly washed to translucent water. Transparent clear water with this croup is difficult to obtain. With a low quality, the cereals are sorted and removed.

clean cereal in a pan

2. In the capacity of the multicooker lay cereal, add salt. If desired, add fragrant spices (dried basil and others) and mix (better distribution of flavor in porridge).

3. Add water. For a faster cooking process you can use hot water. Stir.

4. On the control panel select the cooking mode. Depending on the models and the manufacturer, these may be the modes “Milk porridge / buckwheat”, “Fast cooking”. On some models, cooking this dish in “Baking” mode is completely permitted. In the Redmond multicooker, this porridge is cooked 40 min.

front panel multicooker

5. The readiness of the porridge will notify the beep. Open the lid and add butter. If there is still liquid in the porridge, then for another 20 min. include heating mode.

cooked porridge

cooked porridge with butter

Cooked according to this recipe wheat porridge in a slow cooker, a versatile dish. It can be served as a meat and vegetable side dishes, and make sweet porridge, adding sugar, honey, fruits, dairy products. Separately, you can cook the roasting of onions, sausages, mushrooms and fill it with a dish.

cooked porridge with butter

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