How to cook wheat porridge with stew in a slow cooker

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The most famous, popular and favorite dish among all nations is porridge. And for good reason - it is very nutritious and healthy. Cereals have beneficial and even healing properties. They contain various substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body. To make the pap tasty and rich, you need to combine it with ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and greens. Porridge with meat products is very nourishing. It can be pork, beef, chicken. Some cook cereals using forcemeatYou can also opt for the usual stew (by the way, it's easiest to use it in preparing a hearty meal). We also recommend barley porridge in a slow cooker.

Today we will make wheat porridge with stew. This dish is incredibly aromatic, nutritious and tasty. To simplify the process of cooking, use the slow cooker. For this dish we need the following ingredients:


Wheat groats 2 multistaka
Stew (beef or pork) 1 bank or 450 gr
Vegetable oil 2 century. l.
Onions 1-2 heads
Water 4 multistaka
Salt pepper to taste

ingredients for porridge on the table


1. Fry the onion. To do this, in advance, pour in vegetable oil in the multicooker bowl, turn on the "Baking" mode. While the oil is warming up, we will cut onions in the form of large half-rings. Then pour the sliced ​​onions in a slow cooker, fry until it turns golden (preferably with the lid open, stirring constantly). As soon as the onion is cooked, turn off the program, pour it into a bowl, cover with a lid and set aside until the end of cooking.

sliced ​​onions in a slow cooker

2. In the hot bowl of the multicooker, pour out the grits that have been washed several times beforehand, pour water in the ratio of 1 to 2, add a pinch of salt. From the programs we select “Buckwheat” (for the most of the multivarks, this program is used for cooking any porridge), leave to prepare until the timer works.

cereal in a slow cooker

3. As soon as the wheat porridge is cooked (at the signal of the timer), add the stew (in this recipe uses pork stew) and prepared fried onions. We mix everything in a slow cooker, leave it on the “Heating” mode for half an hour.

cereal and stew in a slow cooker

4. As soon as the above-mentioned half an hour has passed, the ready meal based on wheat cereals and stews can be laid out on plates, served to the table with piping heat.

Also with stew can be cooked buckwheat porridge according to our recipe.

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Stew is canned meat, ready to eat. Therefore, using it instead of meat will reduce the cooking time of the dish, reducing it to the period required for cooking the cereal. Often, when recipes of porridge with stewed meat are mentioned, buckwheat is recalled. But there is an excellent alternative - wheat groats, which are not inferior to the leader in either quality or taste. Cooked from this cereal porridge is nutritionally, low calorie level.

Another advantage is that this dish can be cooked in a slow cooker. The use of the multicooker allows you to save time, as well as prepare a healthy dish, full of useful substances. The taste of cooked dishes will be excellent. It is worth noting that when cooking porridge with canned meat canned food is added at the end of cooking. However, due to the fact that heat treatment is carried out in a sealed container, wheat porridge soaked with meat juice from the stew, filled with a pleasant aroma and delicate taste.

If you did not have a stew near you, to your attention - barley porridge recipe without her.

Updated: 19.07.2018

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