How to cook wheat porridge with onions and mushrooms

ready porridge in a glass bowl

Wheat porridge is known since ancient times. Her mention as a staple food was in the times described in the Bible. And in the period of the ancient Slavs, it was the most popular product. She was on the table and on weekdays, and on holidays, and to treat honored guests or ordinary wanderers. You can cook it both on water and on milk. To improve the taste, oil, sauces and dressings were put into it.

In modern society, cereals, including wheat, do not have such popularity. Wheat cereal is incredibly tasty. On the basis of this cereal, you can cook a variety of dishes. With the help of wheat cereals, you can diversify the diet for each day. Everything else, with its help, you can restore strength in a short time, so it is often used by athletes. It goes well with milk, cream or fruit is added to it.

Also, wheat porridge is an excellent side dish for meat, fish. Very tasty and fragrant turns into a pap with the addition of mushrooms. A good recommendation: after cooking, do not immediately serve porridge on the table, leave it for 10 minutes and then under the lid, so it will become more tender and soft.

Ingredients that will be required to prepare the dish "wheat cereal with onions and mushrooms":


Wheat groats 200 gr
Water 400 ml
Bulb 1 piece.
Fresh champignon mushrooms 300 gr
Vegetable oil 2 tbsp.
Salt to taste

ingredients for porridge


The method of cooking wheat porridge with the addition of onions and mushrooms:

1. Before cooking, the necessary point is washing the grits, preferably several times with the change of water. Then you need to put it in a saucepan, pour clean water in a ratio of one to two and salt.

pan on the stove

2. Boil grits need about 20 minutes, first covering the lid, and then without it, to achieve the required level of consistency.

boiling pot

3. While the cereal is boiled, prepare the onions with the mushrooms. Onion cut into half rings. mushrooms (you can use fresh champignons, dry or frozen) cut into pieces.

onions and mushrooms in plates

4. Pour oil into a frying pan, heat a little, pour onions, fry until golden brown.

onions in a pan

5. Then add mushrooms to the pan (or a non-stick ladle) and fry them until brown to leave a small amount of water.

mushrooms in a pan

6. Finished onion and mushrooms zazharku must be slightly extinguished, then left in the pan for 10 minutes under the lid.

mushrooms and onions in a pan

7. Combine the finished wheat porridge, fried onions with mushrooms, mix thoroughly so that the juice from the mushrooms is absorbed into the finished cereal.

all the ingredients in the pan

Our wheat porridge with mushrooms and onions is ready. Serve hot. Good appetite!

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Wheat groats are produced on the basis of wheat of two types - Poltava and Artek. The first is whole grain cereal or whole-grain. To the second - finely crushed. In order to make chops, casseroles or liquid milk porridges, it is preferable to use Artek type cereals.

The first type of cereal is subject to mandatory washing. The second can not wash. Another important point to consider when cooking: when the water boils, you need to remove the top layer of foam, as it usually collects debris and mote from the grits.

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