Crumbly Bulgur Recipe

Crumbly Bulgur Recipe

What is bulgur, what is it eaten with and how is it cooked? Bulgur is all known to us wheat, only without a shell, steamed, dried and crushed. Bulgur is very popular in Asia, where it is used instead of rice, cook pilau, boil soups, add to salads and even cook flatbread. Bulgur is enriched with iron, phosphorus and magnesium and contains folic acid. The calories of dry cereal 360 kilocalories per hundred grams. In the process of cooking calorie content is reduced to 83 kilocalories. Therefore, supporters of diets may include it in their diet, because it does not harm the figure.

Bulgur is an excellent side dish for fish and meat dishes, and it’s also just the perfect high-carb breakfast!

Let's start cooking;)

Ingredients for portions 2:

  • Bulgur - 100 gr.
  • Salt
  • Butter - 20 gr.


Step 1

On 100 gr. cereals we need 200 ml. water. Fill bulgur with cold salted water and boil for 20 min. over medium heat.

Crumbly Bulgur Recipe

Step 2

After the cooking time has expired, the bulgur will absorb all the water. Turn off the stove, add butter, stir. We let the bulgur infuse for 10 minutes.

Crumbly Bulgur Recipe

Step 3

We spread our crumbly bulgur on plates.

Bon appetit!

Crumbly Bulgur Recipe

Updated: 15.11.2018

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