The recipe for making wheat porridge on water with butter

cooked porridge with butter on a plate

Wheat porridge is an inexhaustible storehouse of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, it is very nourishing, wholesome and surprisingly tasty, even on water. To cook a tasty and crumbly wheat gruel, it is enough to know a few small tricks and secrets. There are so many recipes for making such porridge that you do not know which one is better. Therefore, before cooking wheat porridge, you need to find a good and proven recipe. According to many recipes, you can boil wheat porridge in milk, water and broth. It can be sweet, salty, or spicy. Used as a main dish or side dish for meat, fish, meatballs.

Many beginners and young hostesses suffer from the following questions:

  1. What cook porridge?
  2. How to cook it?
  3. How to serve it?
  4. How much to cook wheat porridge, so as not to get a nasty gadget.

There are two forms of cooking: regular and Moscow (with the addition of meat). To get rid of these questions, you can prepare a similar delicacy for the proposed recipe. To prepare the meal, you need the following ingredients:


Water about 400 ml (two glasses)
Wheat groats 200 grams (one cup)
Butter 45
Fine salt ½ tsp
Taste spices, black pepper, greens, fresh vegetables, gravy


Step by step preparation with detailed and irreplaceable photos:

1) The first and most important step in the recipe is to choose quality cereals. Then measure the required amount and sift using a very small strainer to get rid of excess debris and stones.

cereal on a plate

2) The next important step is thorough washing. You need to rinse the cereal with running water. Then pour warm water and leave for half an hour.

cereal with water in a bowl

3) Next, you need to take a deep saucepan, pour water into it and put it on the stove. Bring it to a boil and add salt.

pot of water

4) When the water boils, you can pour the grain into it. Do this carefully so as not to splash water. Stir well, let boil and reduce heat to minimum. Cook need to readiness.

cooked porridge in the pan

5) Remember that boiling wheat porridge is necessary on a slow fire. Cooking time will be about forty five minutes. Then you can arrange in portions, put a piece of delicious butter on top and serve it to the table. You can also decorate with nuts, fresh vegetables and herbs. Serves as an excellent and perfect side dish for meat, vegetable and fish dishes.

Cook with pleasure, improve your culinary talent and skills, pamper yourself and your loved ones with such a useful delicacy. Wheat porridge is nourishing, nutritious, healthy, appetizing, fragrant and incredibly tasty. Now you know how to cook delicious porridge. Follow the directions in the recipe and you will definitely get it. As you can see, the recipe of cooking is quite simple, with which any novice hostess can handle.

Useful Properties

In addition to taste and nutritional qualities, such a delicacy is very beneficial to health.

  1. An inexhaustible source of vitamins - A, B6, B12, E, PP and C.
  2. A storehouse of minerals that have a fortifying effect on the human body, namely potassium, phosphorus and fluorine, zinc, molybdenum and iron, manganese and magnesium, cobalt and sodium.
  3. The nutritional value of such a dish is fiber, protein, carbohydrates.
  4. The most useful is the one that is made from coarse grits.
  5. It has a beneficial effect on the functioning and activity of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a universal sponge that absorbs all harmful and negative substances, salts, mucus, stones, liquid, slags and toxins, and then removes them from your body. As a result, you can lose a few extra pounds.
  6. A unique tool used in the fight against dysbiosis, diseases of the intestine and stomach, constipation.
  7. Impaired metabolism is restored.
  8. Indispensable component of health, longevity, youth and beauty.
  9. Prevention of the cardiovascular and nervous system.
  10. Strengthens the immune system, conducts prevention of viral diseases.

Harmful properties

Given all the benefits, it is necessary to note the contraindications.

  1. Pregnant girls / women.
  2. Aggravated diseases of the digestive tract.
  3. Individual intolerance, allergic reactions.
  4. Do not abuse.

Video recipe

Special therapeutic diet

This dish has the most important properties and functions that are essential in the fight against obesity, namely:

  • improve digestion;
  • normalization of fat metabolism;
  • activation of the protective functions of your body;
  • strengthening the nervous system;
  • getting rid of intestinal dysfunction and constipation.

Updated: 23.03.2018

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