How to cook in a slow cooker wheat porridge (milk)

Wheat porridge

Wheat porridge is called long-lived. This product has never disappeared from the tables of our ancestors. She was the main on the table on holidays, on weekdays. Cooked porridge in milk or water, with various additives.

Everyone remembers the taste of this delicious porridge. Why not cook it using the slow cooker? Wheat cereal in a slow cooker, boiled in milk, is an excellent idea for a healthy, full and tasty breakfast. Why not start the day with a plate of freshly prepared, flavorful, milk porridge?

Surprisingly, multivariate makes dishes tastier, healthier. The cooking process itself becomes interesting, simple and fast.

Wheat cereal is incredibly useful for the body. It has a beneficial effect on the intestines and stomach. In order to feel its effect on yourself, you must enter it in a regular diet. Many cook it in water, but cook it according to the recipe where it is used. milk, and you will see how delicate and pleasant taste this dish can possess. Wheat cereal in a multivariate with milk is a healthy, satisfying and nutritious dish. If you cook it according to the proposed recipe, your household will appreciate your efforts. If you want to cook this dish differently, here is the recipe wheat porridge in a slow cooker recipe on the water.


Wheat groats 150 gr
Homemade milk 550 ml
Sugar 4 tablespoons
Salt fine pinch
Butter 60 gr
Cream, fruits, berries, dried fruits, nuts, mint, honey to taste

Step-by-step cooking

1. Prepare the grits. Choose quality products. Sift through a sieve, get rid of stones, debris, husks.

Wheat groats

2. Rinse the wheat grits with water several times. Best of all, hold it under running water. Fill with water and leave for 5 minutes.

Washed wheat groats

3. Pour the prepared cereal into the bowl of the slow cooker. Add a piece of butter.


4. Pour the milk. Add sugar, salt.

Porridge with milk in a slow cooker

5. Close the lid. Set the mode to "Milk porridge"On 40 minutes. Wait for the beep. After the end of the program, do not open the lid for 15 minutes. Let insist. Then add butter.

Ready porridge

6. Porridge is ready. Squash. Decorate with strawberry pieces or fruit.

Video recipe

In order for you to get a tasty, healthy and flavorful dish, use this recipe. Pamper your household with a valuable health yummy. This dish fills with strength, energy, health. If you do not have a multicooker, here is a recipe for you wheat cereal with milk in the pot.

Useful properties of porridge

It is enriched with fiber, vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Vitamins: A, E, PP, H, B2, B9 and others. Trace elements necessary for the healthy development and functioning of the body: iodine, calcium, titanium, nickel, strontium and many others.

Fiber contained in wheat porridge, accelerates and normalizes the digestive process. Cleans the body from toxins, impurities, harmful substances. It is the prevention of such ills: bloating, dysbiosis, constipation.
She is very nourishing and nutritious.

Beneficial effect on the heart, calms the nervous system, normalizes pressure. Eating porridge leads to the restoration of vision. Strengthens and boosts immunity. It is considered a low-calorie dish. On 100 grams of cereal accounts for 197 kilocalories. It can be used in dietary nutrition.

Harmful properties

Overuse wheat porridge leads to unpleasant consequences. It is not recommended to add to the diet with gastritis, as it affects the level of acidity. Do not get involved in porridge men, as it reduces the potency. For people with celiac disease, eating is contraindicated.

Milk wheat porridge - a treasure trove of energy and vigor. Let her into your life. Thanks to her, you will gain good health, vigor.

Updated: 24.09.2018

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