Recipe for wheat cereal with milk

wheat cereal in a bowl

Wheat cereal unusually healthy. It is not as popular as rice, oatmeal or semolina. Wheat groats are great for making tasty and healthy side dishes. Some people prefer to cook porridge with milk for breakfast, which allows them to be energetic and cheerful all day long. Unfortunately, wheat porridge is a very rare and uninvited guest in modern families. To make the pudding tasty and fragrant, it is necessary to cook it properly, given the subtleties and peculiarities of cooking cereals.

Features of preparation

You do not know how to cook wheat porridge with milk? Do not despair, you will help the proposed step-by-step recipe, which is equipped with detailed and very colorful photos. You can easily cook porridge with milk.

Dairy wheat porridge cereals, the recipe for which is unusually simple and affordable, is an excellent breakfast. The prepared dish turns out very tasty, satisfying, wholesome. In addition, it is considered low-calorie, so people on a diet can safely enter it into the diet. The classic recipe contains the minimum amount of ingredients: cereals, milk, sugar and butter. Optionally, you can flavor the porridge with natural floral honey, but in this case you should not add sugar during cooking.

The choice of cereals is an extraordinarily responsible, serious step. To cooked milk porridge turned out soft and soft, the best option - medium-sized grits. It differs from fine grinding by the fact that in the process of cooking it does not gather into a large lump, as a result it turns out very tasty and crumbly. If you do not want to sort out the cereal before cooking, you should buy a top-quality product so that it does not have excess garbage and damaged kernels. Wheat groats are light and nutritious.


To prepare, take the following ingredients:

Wheat groats ½ cup
Milk 250 milliliters
Butter 50 grams
Salt 1 teaspoon
Sugar 1 tablespoon (can be replaced with honey)


1. Prepare the necessary products. First of all, you need to carefully sort out the grits, rinse with running water. If you skip this step, the porridge will turn out viscous and sticky. For this reason, it is recommended to rinse even clean top quality cereals. It is advisable to repeat the procedure 4-5 times.

peeling wheat groats

2. Then drain all the water.

peeled wheat cereal in a bowl

3. Take a saucepan and pour fresh milk into it. Then add the prepared wheat grits. You can start cooking.

milk with wheat cereal in a saucepan

4. Cook over high heat. When milk boils, add salt and sugar into it, reduce heat. Continue cooking for fifteen minutes. During cooking, do not forget to stir and dispose of the film that forms on the surface of the milk dish.

wheat porridge in a saucepan

5. When the grits swell, increase in size, you can remove the pan from the stove. Porridge is ready, you can serve to the table in a portion plate. If desired, you can decorate the fruit, you get not only tasty and healthy, but bright, beautiful.

wheat porridge in a plate

Video recipe

As you can see, it’s easy to make dairy wheat porridge. The cooking process takes a little time. The main thing is to use quality products and constantly stir the gruel while cooking.

Useful Properties

Wheat cereal has a number of useful properties. With its help, you can clear the gastrointestinal tract and lose weight. It helps strengthen the immune system. In addition, porridge is very nutritious and balanced, it is easily absorbed in the body. Do not forget about its chemical composition, as it contains a huge amount of folic acid, vitamins E and B and other useful elements.

This pod is recommended for use during pregnancy. Vitamin E, which is recognized as a well of beauty and youth, is very important, it fights free radicals perfectly. Wheat cereal cooked in milk is the perfect breakfast.

Updated: 24.12.2018

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