How to cook wheat porridge for a one-year-old child

wheat porridge in a bowl

Children's diet should be rich, nutritious, varied and balanced, so it must contain cereal. Such dishes are a source of numerous vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, minerals and valuable amino acids. In most cereals there are slow carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed, while completely consumed. After that, these carbohydrates are transformed into glycogen or a special supply of glucose, which is essential for a child’s body. An important advantage of cereals with slow carbohydrates is that they are not converted into body fat, as is the case with fast carbohydrates. They safely saturate the body, supply it with a large amount of energy and health.

Regarding fiber, it can be said that it is the best substance to normalize the digestive process, as it stimulates the intestines, qualitatively cleanses it of toxins and harmful compounds. There is a lot of vitamin B in cereals, which is important for strengthening the immune system, as well as the nervous one. One of these useful and necessary cereals for infants is wheat.

Useful Properties

Before you get acquainted with the step-by-step recipe for making wheat porridge, it is important to learn how it is useful for kids. In terms of benefits, the popularity of wheat porridge for infants ranks third in the ranking. It has a lot of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and starch, which are extremely important for the children's body. Do not forget that wheat porridge contains phytin and gluten. As for phytin, it does not allow minerals to digest properly.

Despite the presence of gluten and fitin, wheat porridge is quite useful for a one-year-old baby. With its help, you can fill the energy consumption. It contains a huge amount of phosphorus, iron.

Kash need to cook properly. First, rinse the grits, then dry and grind in a coffee grinder. If the child refuses to eat porridge, do not force him. It is advisable to teach your baby gradually to lure, new food.

The advantages of wheat porridge for children 1 year:

  • source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, nutrients;
  • cleans the body from toxins and slags;
  • there is a low glycemic index.

Disadvantages of cereal porridge:

  • in the composition of a lot of starch, carbohydrates;
  • It is forbidden to give children up to a year, as it contains gluten;
  • the presence of phytin - complicates the absorption of nutrients;
  • contraindications for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as it is long and difficult to digest.

Before you enter the wheat porridge in the diet of one-year-old crumbs, it is important to weigh all the pros and cons, if necessary, consult with the pediatrician.

Technology of preparation

If you decide to introduce a new baby food in the form of wheat porridge, then you need a good recipe. The approximate cooking time is about ten minutes, which will allow you not to waste a lot of time on cooking.


Milk 150 milliliters
Water 150 milliliters
Wheat flakes 30 grams
Sugar ½ teaspoon


1. All ingredients must be fresh, high quality. Try not to cook a large amount of porridge for several receptions. It is preferable to cook one serving so that the pap is fresh and warm. The first step is to measure the water and pour into a small saucepan, then send it to the stove.

pour water into the pot

2. Milk to use low-fat, heat, but do not boil.

heat milk

3. When water boils, wheat flakes are added to it. It is advisable to use the flakes, as they are already peeled. They are prepared very quickly, you will need no more than five minutes.

falling asleep flakes in the pan

4. Boil at minimum heat for two minutes, then pour the hot milk and stir.

pour milk to cereal

5. At the next stage, you can add a little sugar, cook for another two or three minutes.

add sugar to cereal

6. When the dish is ready, remove the pan from the stove. Using a blender, bring the porridge to a uniform state.

blender make a smooth consistency

7. After cooling, you can feed the baby.

Video recipe

Like any cereal, wheat is extremely useful for a child's growing body. Due to its chemical composition, the crumb gets all the necessary nutrients, trace elements.

Each parent has a question: what kind of porridge is better to feed your baby? If the baby is not yet one year old, then it is best to give oatmeal, buckwheat, rice and corn porridge. Oatmeal can be given if the child is not allergic to gluten. Kashi are introduced gradually into the diet of the child from four months of age. It is better to start with buckwheat.

When the baby adapts to such delicacies, you can cook a multi-gravy option. However, it should be remembered that porridge is cooked in a mixture or breast milk. In some cases it is allowed to add a small amount of good cow's milk, but only from the age of six months. For infants you need to make liquid, boiled food. As for children over one year old, you can start using semolina and wheat porridge.

Millet can begin to give a child over the age of 1,5 years. Not earlier than the age of two, barley and barley porridge are introduced into the diet. You can even cook on cow's milk by adding a little butter. If you add vegetables and fruits, the delicacy will become more saturated, nutritious.

Any porridge is good for the baby. Wheat is no exception. It is very important to cook it properly, then the baby will enjoy it with great pleasure and delight.

Updated: 03.03.2019

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