Cooking barley quickly and easily in a slow cooker

Ready Barley

Perlovka one of the most wonderful croup, affordable in price for any consumer. Due to its properties, porridge made from it represents a hearty lunch and a whole range of useful vitamins.. At the same time, it is necessary to boil the barley for about 40-90 minutes, depending on its age, but in the pressure cooker the process goes faster. Below we will try to describe the recipe as detailed as possible, which will help figure out how to boil the barley in the slow cooker and show the cooking process in the photo. To find out how much and what needs to be added, first of all, it is necessary to decide on the final volume and basis for the future porridge. To cook perlovku for the simplest recipe, the list of necessary components is as follows:


Pearl barley 1 glass
Water or milk 2-3 glass
Butter to refuel
Salt, sugar, other spices to taste
multivarka 1 piece.

Next, we present a phased pearl barley recipe porridge in a pressure cooker, you can evaluate the preparation visually by the available photos.


1. Pearl barley is picked, cleaned of possible debris and thoroughly washed under cold water with a tap. After that, soaked for an hour or two. If time permits and you do not need to cook in a hurry, it will not be superfluous to leave the cereal all night long - the porridge will only taste better. If there is no time for this and you need to cook dinner urgently, it is allowed after washing to immediately place the cereal in a multi-cooker bowl (as in This recipe) and, with boiling water, leave for ten minutes.

Soaking in water

2. From the soaked cereals, we pour out the water and transfer the barley into the bowl of the multicooker, then pour it with water / milk in a ratio of about two to one (two glasses of liquid per glass of cereal). In order for porridge not to run away, it is advisable to take into account the volume of the multicooker and not bring the mass to the extreme.

Net groats

Pre-bowl pressure cooker can be oiled, or simply add it to the already poured cereal. Multicooker mode set on the code "porridge" ("buckwheat"), in this case, the program will automatically set the cooking timer, so you can not ask yourself how much time you need to cook it.

3. Having set the desired mode, we patiently wait for its completion and the corresponding signal. After opening the pressure cooker, stir the porridge and add salt to taste (sugar, if barley on milk) and butter. Then you can leave the barley in a multicooker on the heating, and you can, if necessary, immediately submit to the table.

2 times more water than cereals

Video recipe

Here is the easiest recipe to figure out how to make barley in a slow cooker. As you can see, to prepare a tasty and healthy dish, no complicated manipulations or extra ingredients are required, but we get an excellent breakfast (lunch, dinner) with high nutritional value.

No less tasty is obtained Wheat porridge in the Redmond multicooker according to our recipe.

Updated: 21.08.2018

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  1. Alexey

    All right said. In a pressure cooker (under pressure) for buckwheat you need 6 minutes. Cook4me
    Barley perch on the program "ingredients, rice and cereals, barley" 15 minutes. It turns out rough, and if you leave for an hour in the heating mode and do not open the lid, then all the grain is boiled soft.

  2. Jeanne

    I cooked 50 for minutes in the “porridge” mode, after 2x hours on the heating it turned out to be very even nothing. 10 held boiling water for minutes before cooking

  3. Sergei

    Recipe full rut of time.
    With water 1 to 2
    Already 20 minutes and barley water. And on buckwheat you need all 6.

    • lorp

      I myself understood what I said?

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