How to cook crumbly barley porridge in a slow cooker

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It is difficult to call the usual barley porridge an original, bright, exquisite dish. Despite this, there are many recipes that will help you turn ordinary cereals into a true culinary masterpiece. By its chemical composition, unique properties, barley is ahead of all its existing competitors. In order to make porridge from pearl barley not only useful, but also juicy, tasty, crumbly, it is important to follow some tips and recommendations. You can boil a soft cushion in a special kitchen appliance, namely in a slow cooker, which greatly facilitates the immediate cooking process.

Features of preparation

Barley is an unusually useful and valuable croup containing important amino acids (lysine). They are responsible for the production of collagen, the saturation of the human body with energy and vigor. Barley helps reduce the risk of developing allergies, normalize metabolism, and improve the functioning of the digestive system. In addition, it contains vitamins E, B, A, calcium and potassium, iodine, an incredibly large amount of phosphorus. As for the calorie content, the portion of the barley contains about 145 kcal.

Pearl barley in a slow cooker is prepared quite simply. To do this, use the proposed step-by-step recipe. Everything is detailed in it, so there should be no difficulties.


For cooking barley porridge in a slow cooker, you will need food such as:

Pearl barley 80 grams
Water about 400 milliliters
Butter 15 grams
Salt ½ tsp


1. First of all, get ready to prepare the cereal, it is necessary to measure it and pour it with cool water for ten hours. When you drain the water, the grain will swell, and the duration of cooking will be reduced by almost two times, which is in the hands of any hostess.

soaked pearl barley

2. It is necessary to fold the cereal into a fine sieve to rinse with running water, this is very important. Do not neglect this step!

barley on colander

3. Take a half of butter, grease the capacity of the multicooker. It should be plugged into an outlet.

greased multicooker

4. Pearl barley should be poured into the prepared container. Then you can pour a certain amount of water.

barley in a slow cooker

5. At the same stage it is necessary to slightly salt the future dish.

add salt to the croup

6. Close the lid of the kitchen appliance and set a special cooking mode. In this case, it is best to choose the mode "Pilaf" or "Rice". Cooking time is forty minutes. If the croup was not soaked in water in advance, it would take one hour and twenty minutes.

plov or rice mode

7. When you hear the beep, the pod is ready. Leave it for ten minutes under the lid. Before serving, do not forget to add a little butter. So it will become more fragrant, nourishing and rich.

Video recipe

As you can see, the technology and the cooking process is very simple, so any novice chef who has a slow cooker will cope with it.

Useful Properties

Despite the low popularity among consumers, barley porridge has always been and remains the most useful, valuable and unique. If you regularly eat this porridge, you can completely cleanse the body of toxins, fats and harmful substances. With its help, it is possible to normalize and improve the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. It is not a secret that pearl barley is a rich and generous source of vigor, health, strength and energy reserves. A weighty advantage of the dish is that it can be eaten for weight loss. This is one of the most effective, effective dietary dishes, with which you can lose five pounds in 5 days!

A special benefit is observed for children and schoolchildren, since porridge gives them everything necessary for the full development and growth. That is why it is mandatory to introduce it into the children's diet. Regular and proper consumption of pearl barley is the key to strong immunity, powerful health, rapid eradication of colds and infections.

Due to the large amount of phosphorus contained in the barley, the endocrine system improves markedly, which is important in diabetes mellitus. It is important to note that this is a duty treat for all athletes, because with its help the rate of muscle growth increases. In addition, it is useful to eat in case of inflammation of the digestive tract, as well as in the period after surgery. It will help you quickly regain strength and get in shape.

Thanks to pearl barley porridge, you can not only gain strength and energy, but also lose weight and improve your own well-being.

Updated: 23.09.2018

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