Cooking barley porridge with milk in a slow cooker

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Milk porridges have always been in demand and popularity, as they are not only very tasty, easy to prepare, but also extremely healthy. Milk porridge is a great option for breakfast. As a rule, hostesses cook oatmeal, rice and millet porridge, and pumpkin in milk. But what if you make barley porridge on milk using a slow cooker? It will turn out to be a very satisfying, nutritious, healthy and no less tasty dish that will appeal not only to adults, but also to small children.

Features of preparation

Milk barley porridge in a slow cooker is a very unusual and original dish, which can diversify children and adults. If you do not know how to cook barley porridge on milk using a multicooker, then this step-by-step recipe will help you cope with the task. The prepared dish is distinguished by its delicate and melting taste, unsurpassed aroma and perfect consistency.

Cooking milk barley porridge is very simple. If you use a slow cooker, the cooking process is simplified several times. In it the porridge will not burn. It will acquire rich taste and pleasant aroma, it will become soft and soft. The advantage of cooking such milk porridge in a slow cooker lies in the fact that it retains all the vitamins, minerals and beneficial substances, amino acids, micro-and macronutrients.

It is important to emphasize that the process of cooking in a slow cooker is much easier and faster than on a regular stove or in an oven. If you do not want to get too high in calories, milk can be diluted with water in the proportion of 1: 1. Then the dish will be more light and airy.


For the preparation will need the following ingredients:

Milk 450 milliliters
Pearl barley not less than 80 grams
Sugar 2 teaspoons
Butter about 10 gram

This amount of ingredients is designed for two full servings. The total duration of cooking milk porridge will be one hour.


1. First of all, you should prepare pearl barley. To do this, it is washed with water, soaked overnight or for twelve hours. This will allow her to quickly boil, become soft, tender and very tasty.

soaked pearl barley

2. When the grits will increase in size, it is necessary to fold in a colander, and then rinse with running water. This is a very important step on which the friability of the future porridge depends.

washing barley

3. Multicooker must be plugged into the outlet. Lubricate the bottom and sides of the tank with butter. Then send it washed barley.

barley in a slow cooker

4. Then you should measure the specified amount of milk, add to the cereal and add sugar. If you want to reduce the calorie milk porridge, milk can be diluted with water.

sugar on a spoon

5. After that, cut some butter and add to the slow cooker.

butter in milk in a slow cooker

6. Close the lid of the device, set the most suitable mode for preparing milk pearl barley. An ideal variant is “Milk porridge” or simply “Porridge”. Duration of cooking will be fifty minutes. If you did not soak the grits in advance, then it is worth adding one more hour to the cooking time.

multicooker mode porridge
7. If you like the liquid consistency of porridge, then serve it to the table as soon as the multicooker signal sounds. If you hold the porridge for an additional thirty minutes without opening the lid, it will become more tender and thick.

Video recipe

The main secret of the crumbly, tasty and fragrant porridge lies in the fact that the grits must be thoroughly washed and soaked in water. After you wash the barley at least seven or nine times, you need to fill it with warm water for twelve hours. This will allow the croup to swell and become more tender, soft and pleasant to the taste. Thanks to this trick, you can cut the cooking time by half. For this dish do not feel sorry for butter. Thus, you can enhance the richness and brightness of taste, which will make the milk porridge more tender, luxurious and creamy.

Updated: 21.12.2018

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