How to cook barley pork in a pan

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Barley porridge, cooked with meat, is one of the best second courses that you can cook. In addition to the magnificent combination of ingredients and delicious aroma, barley porridge with meat and vegetables is considered a valuable source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, micro-and macronutrients. It is important to note the invaluable use of pearl barley, because it contains a substance that can rejuvenate the body, remove wrinkles and stretch marks, make the skin smooth and elastic. There are recipes thanks to which barley porridge helps to lose weight and fight cholesterol. As for the proposed dish, it can be safely cooked in the oven, using clay or ceramic pots.

Features and cooking technology

Barley porridge with pork - nourishing, nutritious, juicy, tasty and original dish that is served to the table in portion pots. This is what makes the pork barley special, unusual and even a bit of a festive delicacy. If you do not have a pot, do not despair, barley with pork is not worse on a regular plate. For cooking it is better to use a cauldron, a thick-walled pan or a deep frying pan.

As for the taste of the dish, the braised pork with porridge is incredibly tender, juicy and melting in the mouth. The proposed recipe can be considered originally Russian, with its help you can feed even a large family. As everyone knows, the barley itself is not very attractive and tasty, but if you cook it correctly, it will become a chic side dish for any meat, fish. If you use pork in this recipe, it is advisable to take the tenderloin.


For the preparation of delicious barley porridge with meat will need these ingredients:

Instant groats not less than 40 grams
Pork pulp about 80 gram
Water 200 milliliters
Carrots and onions on 1 pcs.
Vegetable oil 30 milliliters
Salt, pepper and spices add to taste

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1. According to the proposed recipe, you must prepare all the ingredients. First of all, it is worth doing meat. It is desirable to have fat in it. This will ensure the perfect taste of the finished dish. It must be washed, dried and cut into small pieces.

meat preparation

2. Put a frying pan on the stove, pour in some vegetable oil and heat it. It is important that the pan has a thick bottom, as it will be prepared barley porridge.

meat in a pan

3. During roasting meat, you can do the preparation of vegetables. Onions clean the husks, wash with water, chop into half rings. Add it to the meat and simmer for at least five minutes.

onions with meat in a pan

4. Next, you need to clean the carrot medium size. You can chop it with beautiful sticks, but, best of all, grate it, send it to a frying pan for four minutes.

carrots with onions and meat in a pan

5. While meat is stewed with vegetables, enjoy pearl barley. For a start, it is necessary to sort it out, since it often comes across uncleaned kernels. After that, rinse the cereal under running water and send to the pan.

barley with vegetables and meat in a pan

6. After five minutes of cooking should pour water, pepper and salt. Simmer on low heat with the lid closed for at least one hour. Until ready, all the water should evaporate.

barley is cooked in a pan

Video recipe

As you can see, the process of cooking barley with meat and vegetables is extremely simple. From the specified number of ingredients, one portion is obtained. If necessary, you can increase the amount, keeping the proportions given in the recipe. This dish will delight your family and saturate you with energy for the whole day.

Updated: 05.10.2018

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